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Worlds Worst Oil Spills

FASTCOMPANY.COM World's Worst Oil Spills wn ne Gut of Mesico ol spil doninating headines, ol companies the wond over are re-ansesing ther satety protocos. Howeve wh he cunent ol sp set to do unimaginable danagetohe econystema in the Gut, net to menton local businesses and communites, we lock at the world's si most devastating ol spils. oc O Spi 1979 Eoon Vider, 199 Tomey Canyon 197 Argo Merchant 1976 • Anoce Cadis, 1 O Deepanter Horion, 2010 7.7 million galons Argo Merchant 11 million galons l Eoon Vde 18 million galons Deepwater Horion (best case 31 milion galons Tomey Canyon 30 million galons Deepwater Horoon eost case, as of 3 June 68 milion gilons Amoce Cadie 138 milion galons oc ON Spil The Costs - Clean-up and Damages Emironmental Impact Eoon de 250.000 seatirds lled 2.00 ers kled 300 habor sealsled 200 bald agles led 22 ller uhales kiled Blions of salmon and heming eggs destroyed 1,200 miles of coast st covered in ol Anece Cad 20,000 seabirds klled 9,000 tons of oyster nortality Milions of dead nollusks and a uchins Argo MerchantS19 mion Feh found with tumours and sin ulcetions Estuarine tidal ivers were oiled oc I $13 bion doc 10 species of bieds hM hard by the ol 90% destruction of crustaceans in some parts 162 miles of US coast covered in ol Amoca Cadi i 53 blion Eoon Valde S3billion Tomrey Canyon 15,000 birds ked 50 miles of French and 120 of Bitsh coast oled Derpwter Horin S12 bon Survival rate of birds found was less than 1% [A ligures adjusted to ifation. No avalable figures for Tomey Canyon] Deepaoter Hon he ol spil continues he envonnental impact will kely edipoe that of the Eoon Videz, with hundreds of mies of coastine and thousands of square mles of ocean eady covered in ol References tpwww.incidentneus govientry508790 pwww.incidentnews govtryS5464 plwww.chean.comit pwww.gua ibusinessideepasterhorcon 706 n e2010may04deepaster-ol disater atoc dn [Sce of cirde not to scale. O hom the Argo Merchant spil never ached the shore due pwww.boro.acudepartnentshulergsinhu'aboutergstomey hnd pwww.cedeenspiatanticatan to high oftahore winds, and the density of the ol was low enough so t did not sink and contaminate the sebed No sigficant environmental inpact was reconded ticles/2010/0430the ieformation-servicesidata-and tatisticscase-historiest hen pwww.incidentnews govincident241 tpwww.chemgapeda.devsenginevvsclench16ucustonycanyonolspil vu Pagelvscenic16uco reycanyontomnycleanp cn [Does not indude the 1990 Cut War Ol spil. The graphic represents accidental spills only] (Gnghic by T Farant Taiter atalenblosom)

Worlds Worst Oil Spills

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This infographic compares the worst oil spills in history, taking into account not only size, but economic and environmental damage. Figures for the current spill in the Gulf of Mexico are estimates, ...


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