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The World's Top 10 Worst Disasters

THE TOP 10 WORLD'S WORST DISASTERS EARTHQUAKE CYCLONE FLOOD DAM BREAK 2010 HAITI EARTHQUAKE CASUALTIES FATALITIES TSUNAMI DAMAGE ESTIMATE 316,000 3 Million FATALITIES CASUALTIES The 2010 Haiti earthquake was a catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake, with an epicenter near the town of Léogâne, approximately 25 km (16 miles) west of Port-au-Prince. $8 - 14 BILLION NORTH AMERICA ASIA 1976 TANGSHAN EARTHQUAKE 1920 HAIYUAN EARTHQUAKE 1935 YANGTZE RIVER FLOOD 510,000 1.6 Million 273,400 $225,000 145,000 11.3 Million %24 FATALITIES CASUALTIES FATALITIES MILLION FATALITIES CASUALTIES The Tangshan Earthquake also known as the Great Tangshan Earthquake, is a 7.8 to 8.2 magnitude earthquake that occurred in the early morning of July 28, 1976 and lasted for 23 seconds. Destruction stretched across seven Chinese provinces including major cities of Lanzhou, Taiyuan, Xi'an, Xining and Yinchuan. Sujiahe, a town in Xiji County, was completely buried under a landslide. The 1935 flood in Yangtze River is one of China's 4 most catastrophic floods of the century which submerged 22.64 million mu of land. $1.3 BILLION $335 MILLION 1975 BANGIAO DAM FAILURE 1931 CHINA FLOOD 231,000 11 Million 4 Million 28.5 Million FATALITIES CASUALTIES FATALITIES CASUALTIES The Banqiao dam failed catastrophically or was intentionally destroyed in 1975 during Super Typhoon Nina. The Central China floods of 1931 were generally considered the deadliest natural disaster ever recorded, and almost certainly the deadliest of the 20th century. $513 MILLION $900 MILLION 1938 YELLOW RIVER FLOOD 700,000 13 Million FATALITIES CASUALTIES The 1938 Yellow River flood was a flood created by the Nationalist Government in central China during the early stage of the Second Sino-Japanese War in an attempt to halt the rapid advance of the Japanese forces. It has been called the "largest act of environmental warfare in history." $300 MILLION 2008 CYCLONE NARGIS 1970 BHOLA CYCLONE 2004 INDIAN OCEAN TSUNAMI 146,000 2.4 Million 400,000 10 Million 310,000 2 Million FATALITIES CASUALTIES FATALITIES CASUALTIES FATALITIES CASUALTIES 2008 Cyclone Nargis, also known as Very Severe Cyclonic Storm Nargis, was a strong tropical cyclone that caused the worst natural disaster in the recorded history of Myanmar. The 1970 Bhola cyclone was a devastating tropical cyclone that struck East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and India's West Bengal. It was the deadliest tropical cyclone ever recorded. The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake was an undersea 9.2 magnitude earthquake that occurred the day after Christmas 24 $10.2 BILLION $480 MILLION 2$ $9.9 BILLION BUY EMERGENCY | | dị | || | || | VEMBER 13, 1970

The World's Top 10 Worst Disasters

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Here's an interesting look through the history archives of the past 100 years, see which world disasters had the biggest impact. The results were surprising, especially on the number of people influen...


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