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World's Top 10 Endangered Species

Endangered Species List 1. Ivory Billed Woodpecker Number- Only 1 seen between 2004-05. Habitat- Forests in Southern USA, Cuba Why in danger- Deforestation reduced habitat 2. Amur Leopards Number- Less than 50 Habitat- Snowy regions of Russia Why in danger- Road building reduced habitat 3. Javan Rhinoceros Number- Only 60 animals Habitat- Rainforests in Indonesia Why in danger- Hunted for horn, which is used in medicine 4. Northern Sportive Lemur Number- Only 18 Habitat- Dry deciduous forests in Madagascar Why in danger- Hunting 5. Northern Right Whale Number- 35O Habitat- Atlantic Ocean Why in danger- Whalers kill them for oil 6. Little Dodo bird Number- 200 Habitat- Tropical jungles of Samoa Why in danger- Habitat loss 7. Chinese Giant Salamander Number- 80% decline since 1950s Habitat- Streams and lakes in China Why in danger- Hunted for food 8. Leatherback Sea Turtle Number- 35,000 Habitat- Oceans Why in danger- Caught in fishing nets 9. Saola Asian Unicorn Number- A few hundreds Habitat- Annamite Mountains of Vietnam & Laos Why in danger- Hunting 10. Tiger Number- 3200 Habitat- Mostly forests in Asia and Russia Why in danger- Poaching FUN FOR ME! mocomi Visit for more cool stuff! .com Copyright ©2015 Mocomi & Anibrain Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

World's Top 10 Endangered Species

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List of world's top 10 endangered species. Read all about Ivory Billed Woodpecker, Amur Leopards, Javan Rhinoceros, Northern Sportive Lemur, Northern Right Whale, Little Dodo bird, Saola Asian Unicorn...


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