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World Energy Consumption and Production

WORLD ENERGY Using OECD Energy Statistics from 2009 WHO'S USING THE MOST ENERGY? Total primary energy supply (Mtoe: Million tonnes of oil equivalent) 2500 2000 Between 1971 and 2009, China's total production of energy increased by 529% 1500 1000 500 CHINA US INDIA RUSSIA GERMANY 2257.1 Mtoe 2162.9 Mtoe 675.8 Mtoe 646.9 Mtoe 318.5 Mtoe THE STATS PER PERSON Total primary energy supply per capita (toe: tonnes of oil equivalent) 6.21 7.03 7.53 7.95 16.38 (toe) (toe) (toe) (toe) Ltoe) FINLAND US CANADA LUXEMBOURG ICELAND In 2009, the average US citizen used over 12 times more 0.58 energy than the average Indian citizen (toe) 0.88 1.24 |(toe) (toe) INDIA INDONESIA BRAZIL Between 1971 and rd 2* nd 2009, the contribution of renewables to Iceland's energy LOWEST ENERGY USERS (per capita) supply rose from 46.7% to 84.3% WHO'S THE GREENEST? CONTRIBUTION OF RENEWABLES TO ENERGY SUPPLY (As a percentage of total primary energy supply) ICELAND BRAZIL 45.8% NORWAY 43.3% NEW ZEALAND 36.1% SWEDEN イトネイ 34.8 % WHERE IS OUR ENERGY PRODUCED? TOTAL PRODUCTION OF ENERGY (Mtoe: Million tonnes of oil equivalent) CANADA 389.8 NORWAY 213.6 RUSSIA 1181.6 ICELAND 4.4 SWEDEN 30.3 FINLAND 16.6 UK 158.9 GERMANY 127.1 US 1686.4 AUSTRIA 11.4 FRANCE 129.5 KOREA 443 GHINA 2084.9 JAPAN 93.8 MEXICO 220.0 INDIA 502.5 NEW ZEALAND 15.2 WORLD TOTAL 12268.2 (Młoe) 'Statistics from A to 2: Energy, OECD,,3746,en_2649_201185_16462759_1_1_1_1,00.html. * In 2010, Norway and Now Zealand swapped places with figures of 37.3% and 33.6% respectively Scienceo Copyright 2012 the last word on science

World Energy Consumption and Production

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Based on data obtained from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Science Omega details the major global players in terms of energy consumption and production


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