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The Wonderful World of Silk

ISSUE 02 THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF SILK #02 At Silksleep, we love sleep and are constantly looking for the best way to make sure we start each morning feeling rested and refreshed. We know we're not alone in this, which is why we've decided to create a series of infographics on every aspect of a deep, restorative slumber. This week we're focusing on a key component of a comfortable, heat-regulated rest: Silk. SECRETS OF SILK LEGENDARY SILK STORIES THE KING 1619 TWO MONKS 550 AD THE PRINCESS 440 AD A Chinese princess smuggled out silkworm eggs in her hairpiece, breaking China's King James I introduced silk- Two monks smuggled silkworms farming to the American colonies to discourage the growing of tobacco. out of China in bamboo canes, bringing silk to Europe and the Byzantine empire. silk monopoly. EGYPTIAN MUMMY 1000 BC THE EMPRESS 3000 BC Silk was found in the hair of a mummy from 1000 B.C. long before the SIlk Road Leizu, a Chinese empress, discovered silk when a cocoon was established fell into her teacup. FISHING LINES BULLETPROOF VESTS Biodegradable alternative to plastic but with all the strength Ten-times stronger than kevlar PARACHUTES USES OF SILK Strong awnings & parachute cords THE EVERYDAY & THE SURPRISING BED SHEETS Luxuriously soft bed lines SURGICAL SUTURES BICYCLE Strong and TYRES OPTICS non-absorbent: for surgery Silk tubulars Natural alternative give a close ride to fibre optics SILK PRODUCERS WHO RANKS AS THE TOP SILK PRODUCER? (IN 1000KG) 1. CHINA 290,003 KG 2. INDIA 77,000 KG Established Established 3,000BC 140AD Production (Int $1000) Production (Int $1000) $978,000 $259,679 3. UZBEKISTAN 17,000 KG 4. BRAZIL 11,000 KG 5. IRAN 6,088 KG 6. THAILAND 5,000 KG 7. VIETNAM 3.000 KG 8. DPR KOREA 1,500 KG 9. ROMANIA 1,000 KG 10. JAPAN 600 KG | The finest silk for the perfect night's sleep O Silksleep

The Wonderful World of Silk

shared by silksleep on Sep 30
We look at which countries are the biggest silk producers and the ways this silk is put to use, some of which you may not be aware of.




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