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windsource: renewable energy

WINDSOURCE BILLION KILOWATT-HOUR CELEBRATION In 2012, Windsource sold its 1 billionth kilowatt-hour of wind energy in Minnesota. 2004-5 2006 250,74,55 2007 - 250. S- 144,282172 008 - 378,96830 09 - 526.355,674 010-687,309.643 2011 - a55,850,973 2012 - 1000.000000 64 turbines generate 89.3 megawatts of pow er for Windsource. 20,000 - 15,000 - WHAT CAN A BILLION kWh OF CLEAN, RENEWABLE WIND ENERGY DO? 10.000- Over 22,000 residential customers and 275 business customers participate Remove the emissions 0. CO2 equivalent of a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam from Minneapolis to Milwaukee (162,897 cars). EMISSIONS Light up two incandescent bulbs or 10 CFL bulbs or 13 LED bulbs in every US. household for a month. 1 BILLION kWh OF WINDSOURCE IS EQUIVALENT TO 1.7 BILLION POUNDS OF CO2 WHICH IS EQUIVALENT TO... Gallons Of Gasoline Consumed 87,657,630 Barrels Of Oil Consumed Power one dishwasher for seven days-or one refrigerator for six days–in every U.S. household. 1,818,386 Tanker Trucks Of Gasoline Propane Cylinders Used For Home BBQ 10,313 Cancel out over 1.7 billion pounds of CO, the equivalent weight of around 340,000 African elephants. 32,579,419 Electricity Use Of Homes For One Year 117,052 Offset as much CO, as a forest the size of Minneapolis over 17 years. WINDSOURCE POWERED HOMES Residential austomers have purchased over 650 mllon klowatt-hours of Windsource, equlvalent to 1,120,475,065 pounds of CO,. The CO; offset by resldent lal participation Is 16,922 28 HOURS OF ICE FISHING PER PERSON YEARS OF equivalent to the carbon emissions of the ICE FISHING propane tanks needed for every ditizen of Minnesota to heat an ice fishing hut for one day. The electricity purchased by residential Windsour ce customers Is enough to keep every citizen of Minnesota warm at night under an electric blanket through the Minnesota w inter. NIGHTS PER ELECTRIC BLANKET USE The electridty purchased by residential W indsource customers is equivalent to the electric consumption necessary to cook three Tater Tots hotdishes per month for every citizen of Minnesota for a year. HOTDISHES 197 MILLIONES 37 PER PERSON HOTDISHES The electridity purchased by residential Windsource austomers is equivalent to the electric consumption of every Minnesotan watching the movle Grumpy Old Men four times per year for their entire life. 169 BILLION VIEWINGS 315 VIEWINGS PER OF GRUMPY OLD MEN MINNESOTAN WINDSOURCE POWERED BUSINESSES Minnesota businesses have purchased over 350 mlllon klowatt-hours of Windsource, equivalent to 603,332,728 pounds of CO. Windsource energy has enabled KidW ind to deliver A 55,000 TURBINES TO CLASSROOMS AROUND THE COUNTRY. W indsource has powered the making and restoration of over 1,000 STRINGED INSTRUMENTS AT FEIN VIOLINS OVER SEVEN YEARS. Windsource has powered over 15 HOCKEY GAMES AT THE XCEL ENERGY CENTER DURING WHICH THE MINNESOTA WILD SCORED 95 GOALS AND MADE TWO SUCCESSFUL PENALTY SHOTS. The amount of wind energy purchased by the University of St. Thomas annually is enough to perform Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor 1,323, 364 TIMES ON THE UNIVERSITY'S MAGNIFICENT, 2,786-PIPE GABRIEL KNEY CHAPEL ORGAN. Emissions and eleritaNen provided by by pemisaon ofW anal neanesJ rofler ising 2009 data from its Enissious erdnesce tegratad Database (eI) ww. eUS. En Camnercial astoner /geepower/pubg s cerSLsgov Lighting andappiane data sour cad from ittp://Energy Stargov Population and household estimates based on U.S. Census Bureau data ht

windsource: renewable energy

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Wind turbines in Minnesota have offset the power produced by a coal-fired plant, equivalent to taking 163,000 cars off the road. That would be a bumper-to-bumper line from Minneapolis to Milwuakee. ...


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