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Wind Energy vs. Coal Power

new leaf ENER GY WIND ENERGY VS COAL P OWER Renewable wind energy is more accessible, more affordable and used by more businesses and homes than ever before. HERE'S HOW THEY DIFFER: Rotating wind turbines convert wind energy to electricity. Coal is mined and transported 1A to a power plant. A boiler burns the coal and forms YOU KNOW: 1в steam. Steam enters a turbine, turns a propeller and creates electricity. DID Wind turbines use a fuel that's free, inexhaustible and immune to drastic price swings. Cooling towers release heat from boiler steam (contributing to air pollution and acid rain). Wind energy produces no polluting emissions of any kind. A ONE WIND TURBINE CAN POWER 442 TEXAS HOMES IN ONE YEAR. OF COAL TO POWER ONE 14,509 Ibs. YEXAS HOME EACH YEAR. TRANSFORMER increases voltage and sends electricity to a substation. SUBSTATION increases the voltage for transmission. All energy is the same once it enters the grid. A DISTRIBUTION GRID receives the electricity. 6 TRANSFORMER DRUM decreases the voltage to send to your home or business. RARLE WHAT IS GREEN-E ENERGY? Green-e is the nation's leading independent consumer protection program for the sale of renewable energy. New Leaf Energy is one of only two Green-e Certified energy companies in Texas. DID YOU KNOW: 9.2% 85% 70 - 260 DROP IN WIND ENERGY COSTS IN THE LAST 20 YEARS. MILLION GALLONS OF WATER ARE NEEDED FOR COAL MINING EACH DAY. OF TOTAL POWER CONSUMED IN TEXAS WAS WIND POWER IN 2012. New Leaf Energy provides energy that's both green and renewable. GREEN POWER RENEWABLE ENERGY represents renewable energy resources and technologies that create the least amount of pollution. relies on resources that naturally replenish themselves over short periods of time and don't diminish. Turn over a new leaf with wind power!

Wind Energy vs. Coal Power

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An Infographic outlining the differences between Wind Energy and Coal Power.


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