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Wind Energy in America

WIND ENERGY IN AMERICA America is one of the largest, fastest-growing markets for wind power development in the world. The amount of wind capacity installed in the U.S. in 2011 CHINA was second only to natural gas. USA 32% WIND GERMANY SPAIN 49% GAS INDIA COAL 7% 12% OTHER CUMULTIVE WIND GENERATION CAPACITY U.S. ENERGY CAPACITY ADDITIONS IN 2011 U.S. WIND MANUFACTURING t ON THE RISE 75,000 NUMBER OF AMERICANS EMPLOYED FULL-TIME BY THE WIND INDUSTRY 67 $150 IN 2011, AMERICA EXPORTED NEARLY TEN TIMES $120 THE AMOUNT OF WIND-POWERED GENERATING SETS AS IT DID IN 2007 $90 $60 $30 PERCENTAGE OF WIND EQUIPMENT USED IN U.S. PROJECTS MANUFACTURED $0 IN AMERICA 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 WHY BIGGER IS BETTER As America's wind turbines get bigger, they produce more power, more efficiently. ROTOR DIAMETER: 127 m E---- ----- ----- ------ 169 m 150 m ROTOR DIAMETER: 77 m E---- ----- --| HUB HEIGHT: 135 m - WINGSPAN: 60 m. ---- - - - - 100 m HUB HEIGHT: 80 m 50 m MOST COMMON TURBINE SIZE IN THE U.S. BOEING 747 STATUE OF LARGEST TURBINE WASHINGTON LIBERTY NEW YORK, NY SIZE IN THE WORLD AURICH, GERMANY MONUMENT WASHINGTON, DC HOW WE MEASURE WIND ENERGY 1 KILOWATT (MW) = 1 THOUSAND WATTS We measure the ability to generate electricity in watts. Watts are not very big, so we usually refer to larger measurements of power with kilowatts, megawatts, and gigawatts. 1 MEGAWATT (MW) = 1 MILLION WATTS 1 GIGAWATT (GW) = 1 BILLION WATTS The average American household uses about 10,000 per year. KILOWATT-HOURS 11 WATTS 300 WATTS 1200 WATTS A 1 MW TURBINE GENERATES 250 HOMES ENOUGH ELECTRICITY TO POWER AMERICA'S TOP FIVE IN WIND Leaders in total wind capacity by state MINNESOTA CALIFORNIA TEXAS 2,718 MW 3,917 MW 10,394 MW IOWA ILLINOIS 4,322 MW 2,742 MW O ENERGY.GOV Source: Wind Power Monthly, wind-powered generating sets (in millions)

Wind Energy in America

shared by sarahgerrity on Sep 05
The U.S. Energy Department's infographic on the rise of wind-powered energy in America


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