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Why You Should Care About Water Conservation

CARE ABOUT WATER WNY SHOULD CUNSERVATION "Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink." This famous line from Samuel Coleridge's "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" actually sums up the state of our earth's water supply quite well. The vast majority of water can't be used, so the fresh water that is available must be treasured. Learn about the water supply issues impacting our planet and why it is so important to care about water conservation. Supply 99.7% and of Earth's water supply can't be used by humans. Demand (Water withdrawal is the removal of water from a source, like ground water, for use by humans.) Average US resident uses 1,550 çubic meters of water/year: Water withdrawals have tripled over the last 50 years. highest in the world! 263 rivers and countless aquifers cross or demarcate international political boundaries. Average Demočratic Republic of Congo resident uses 11.55 cubic meters of water/year: 134 times higher lowest in the world. than DRC 90% uses. of countries share water with at least one other country, This puts nations at risk of international conflict as water becomes more scarce. Production Soaks Up Our Water 1 pound of rice requires 449, gallons of water to produce. 1 gallon of beer requires 689. găllons of water to produce. 1cotton t-shirt requires 713 gallons of water to produce. 1 pound of beef requires 1,799 gallons of water to produce. 1 pound of chocolate requires 3,170 gallons of water to produce. US thermoelectric-power generation used 201 billion. gallons per day in 2005. Agriculture used 128 billion gallons per day. 78% Combined percentage of 70% US fresh water withdrawls for thermoelectric power and agriculture. of fresh water use globally is for agriculture. Access to Fresh Water Saves Lives hild dies from a water-related disease every 20 seconds. 3.575 million people die yearly from water related disease. Equivalent to filling Cowboy Stadium L4+ times 84 million people use water from unimproved Sources. Only 54% of the world's population has clean, fresh water piped into their dwellings Sources water-supply-sanitation-and-health/ WWDRB_Facts_and_Figures.pdf farming.ars PublicWaterSupplyhtml Seametrics WWDRB_Facts_and_Figures.pdf

Why You Should Care About Water Conservation

shared by kcatoto on Mar 23
If you are conscious of your water footprint, this infograph puts the numbers behind that idea into perspective.




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