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Why use Reusable Bags?

SAY 'NO THANKS' TO PLASTIC BAGS H O W T O CHANG E OUR HABITS SAN FRANCISCO SOUTH AUSTRALIA BANGLADESH ITALY MEXICO CHINA GERMANY IRELAND PLASTIC BAG BAN A TAX ON SOME PLASTI C BAGS *Excluding biodegradable bags or bags beneath a certain micron thickness, as deemed by the governing body THE FACTS WHY WE NEED TO DO IT 1 MILLION BAGS Less than 1% of plastic bags are recycled world-wide; the rest are left to live on ARE USED EVERY indefinitely in landfills. MINUTE ACROSS THE GLOBE ONE PLASTIC BAG TAKES 1000 YEARS TO BREAK DOWN Change your mindset & get in the habit of refusing a bag, no matter how shiny! ON, THANKS! EACH YEAR, PLASTIC KILLS MORE THAN 100,000 MARINE CREATURES AND 1 MILLION SEA BIRDS PAPER BAGS ARE A PROBLEM TOO It requires 13% more energy to produce one single paper bag than to produce two plastic bags THE SOLUTION WHAT WE NEED TO D O REUSE Think twice before discarding. The more you reuse, the more bags you save from ending up as landfill REMEMBER YOUR BAGS Persevere & soon it will become part of the everyday, like reaching for your keys CHOOSE COMPACT STYLES ALWAYS carry one in your purse or pocket - you'll be surprised how often you'll use it when it's convenient HAVE FUN Reusable bags don't have to be boring, see for some fabulous designs ENCOURAGE RETAILERS By thanking them when they ask before automatically placing your purchases in a single-use plastic bag LOBBY LOCAL GOVERNMENT ban the bag Contact your local council or start a petition in your local area, remember: THINK GLOBAL ACT LOCALI SOURCES Designed by: LOQI

Why use Reusable Bags?

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As more and more countries become plastic bag free, here is a guide as to the reasons why (1 million plastic bags are used per minute!), and how to make the transition from single-use plastic bags to ...






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