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Why Should You Switch to Cloth Diapers?

Why You ShoOuld Switch to CLOTH DIAPERS Americans are throwing out 5 garbage bags full of diapers every second. Every year, Americans plow through 8 billion diapers. SCHOOL BUE NEW YORK CITY SCHOOL BUS STOP This is the weight of 65,000 school buses. If disposable diapers were never invented, there would be 16 million more trees on this planet. Diapers are Disposable diapers contain sodium polyacrylate, a chemical banned from tampons for causing the 3rd toxic shock syndrome largest one-time use item Its actually illegal in most states to dump human waste into landfills, in our landfills. The contents of used diapers are supposed to be emptied in the toilet before thrown in the trash. By switching to cloth, the average American family could save 80% over the cost of disposables. Babies in cloth diapers have a 7% less chance of getting diaper rash. Disposable diapers account for 50% of a household's waste. Disposable diapers take 300-500 years to decompose in landfills. "Everything you ever wanted to know about cloth diapering" ( Sanders, Heather " Diaper Drama" ( McConnell, Jane. "The Jay of Cloth Diapers." Caldwell, Ginny. "Diapers. Disposable or Cottan?," Eco-Baby Catalogue ( , Cathy. "Disposable Diapers: Patential Health Hazarda.," referring to: Hicks, R et al. "Characterization of toxicity involving hemorrhage and cardiovascular failure, caused by parenteral administration of a soluble polyacrylate in the rat," J Appl. Taxicol. 1989 June; 9(3): 191-8. Peggy's Diapers, Slings N' Things, ( "Why Cloth Diapera," ( EPA documents: "Positive Steps Towards Waste Reduction", and "Integrated Risk Azsessment for Diaxina and Furans from Chlorine Bleaching in Pulp and Paper Milla" The Top Ten Reasons To Cloh Diaper by Susan K. Dodge-Doak The top ten myths about clath nappies (

Why Should You Switch to Cloth Diapers?

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Cloth diapers versus traditional diapers, this is a important choice to make when you have a baby. This infographic makes the argument to switching to cloth diapers. It shows how much money and waste ...




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