Why Have Solar Panels?

GOING SOLAR= OPTIONS FOR HOMEOWNERS SOLAR LIGHT TUBES FOR DAYLIGHTING PHOTOVOLTAICS Generate some or all of your electricity with a solar PV system. Bring natural daylight into deeper interior spaces with solar light tubes. AVERAGE PAYBACK: 0–23 years, depending on factors including financing, ownership, utility retail electricity rates, and incentives.' AVERAGE PAYBACK: 5–7 years SKYLIGHTS PLANT DECIDUOUS TREES Bring natural daylight into rooms with skylights Planting deciduous trees on the east, south, and/or west sides of AVERAGE PAYBACK: Highly variable, depending on design, performance, and other variables, including home resale value your home keeps the hot sun out during summer but lets the light and its warmth in during winter. AVERAGE PAYBACK: variable? INSTALL AWNINGS & BLINDS ON WINDOWS CLOTHESLINE Keep the summer sun from heating your house by installing awnings and/or blinds on windows that face Use the sun to dry your clothes-possibly the simplest and most east, south, and/or west. affordable use of solar AVERAGE PAYBACK: 1-4 years5 power. AVERAGE PAYBACK: Immediate APPLY LOW-E WINDOW FILM Let light, but not much else, into your home with low-e window films that reflect up to 90% or more of heat. AVERAGE PAYBACK: 2–5 years® SOLAR LANDSCAPE & PATIO LIGHTING U Light walkways, patios, and landscaping with inexpensive, solar-powered lights AVERAGE PAYBACK: 2 years SOLAR POOL HEATING НО POOL COVER / BLANKET SOLAR HOT WATER Heat your pool with solar hot water panels. Let the sun heat your pool and keep that heat in at night with a black solar cover / blanket. Heat your water with a solar water heating system, saving 50-80% off water heating bills. AVERAGE PAYBACK: 1.5–4 years3 AVERAGE PAYBACK: 6–10 years, depending on cost of gas or electricity and how much solar offsets the total hot water bill.2 AVERAGE PAYBACK: <1 years * average payback = simple payback on project cost versus energy savings/generation, and does not take into account increased resale value of a home ROCKY MOUNTAIN INSTITUTE. August 2013. ROCKY MOUNTAIN INSTITUTE Sources: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5), 6) 7) 8) 9)

Why Have Solar Panels?

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The benefit of solar on your home is very real, they provide free energy and huge benefits when saving money.






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