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Why Go Green With Your Pest Control

WHY GO GREEN WITH YOUR PEST CONTROL POISONS ARE DANGEROUS TO MORE THAN THE ENVIRONMENT Every day there are 87 unintentional poisoning deaths, with an additional 2,277 people are treated in emergency departments. Every year, poison control centers answers more than That's 31,755 deaths and 831,105 4 MILLION CALLS That's one call every emergency visits a year! 8 seconds! High-toxicity poisons and other methods aren't safe around children and pets. They say so on the label! GREEN PEST CONTROL "But poison is fine as IS ORGANIC. long as you use it responsibly." PESTS ARE BECOMING IMMUNE TO TRADITIONAL POISONS As humans use more pesticides, more pests For example bed bugs, become immune to them once almost completely eradicated, have reached almost epidemic levels in New York City. Recent generations of bed bugs are more resistant to traditional poisons, and recurrences are frequent. Green treatments have been found to be consistently HIGH TOXICITY POISONS ARE effective. HARMFUL TO THE ENVIRONMENT Traditional pesticides don't hurt only pests. More than 98% of sprayed pesticides spread into the soil, air, and water in the environment. This Tip:It is best affects birds, fish, and yes, even to hire an expert in people. This contamination can green pest control to damage an environment for years. find the appropriate balance between chemical and green pest control for your home. IT MAKES YOUR YARD PRETTIER! (SERIOUSLY!) Did you know that a few simple changes around your yard can reduce pest levels? Move all Something as simple as firewood, bricks, and other cutting your grass more stacked objects away from your regularly and keeping all house and your fence, thus trees and bushes trimmed back more than 6 inches reducing potential harborage from the edge of your house areas. prevents pests from hiding and getting access to your home. Also, ensuring you are not over-watering your yard and water is draining correctly will remove pesky pests' water source. IT CAN LOWER YOUR ENERGY BILL! (SERIOUSLY!) How do pests get in your home? Through gaps, cracks, and other open spaces. Those spaces aren't only letting in creepy critters, but also air from the outside! Sealing those spaces will keep out sneaky pests and outdoor air, and also help give your heater or air conditioner a break. WHAT IF YOU NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP? Choose a pest control In many places, such as technician who will work Arizona, pest with you to identify and control will always be eliminate conducive necessary to some conditions which can attract degree, though it is im- pests first, and then helps you portant that it is done in tailor a pest control method a responsible manner. that best suites your needs. STRATEGIC AREAS TO TREAT AND TARGET PESTS: • Where they live, not where you and your family live • Under and behind appliances • Areas such as inside your wall voids • Entry points • Cracks and crevices, which are common feeding and nesting areas This pinpointed approach to pest control People today are asking for a more responsible eliminates the need for broadcast treatments in approach to pest control, and many pest control your living spaces, consequently decreasing the companies are proud to be a part of that amount of product used and your exposure to it. movement! CHOOSE THE SAFER, GREENER OPTION Green Home Pest Control Infographic by: FALLINGIP MEDIA Sources:

Why Go Green With Your Pest Control

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In today’s world, many manufacturers and companies label their goods and services as organic and green. It has become a popular term that consumers respond to. But often consumers are left confused ...


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