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Who's Been Dumping In My Ocean?

Untreated State of Waste Water Treatment WHO'S BEEN DUMPING in My Ocean? Exswy Treated Lain America and Carbibeen w pe (Not Just BP!) Sources: EPA, Science Blogs, Greenpeace, UNEP ae Son । स दे Bahic See Cennral and E Eurepe Batin AO Mediterranean Capian Sea orth Artantic As defined by the London Convention 1972, "dumping" means: Central and East Europe unean (i) any deliberate disposal at sea of wastes and other matter from vessels, aircraft, platforms or other manmade suuctures at sea; West and Central Arica Latn Amerta the Carbbon (i) any deliberate disposal at sea cf vessels, alhaait, platiems er ether man-made structure at sea. Caipian Sea Eat Asie is Southerm Asia y Sewage treatment is low or absent in many parts of the World, leading to eutrophication of the coastal zone, (toxic) algae blooms and dramatically reduce the ability of coral to recover from bleaching events dramatically. North Atantic MARINE DEBRIS TIMELINE Microfilament Fishing Line 600 yrs Biodegradable Diaper 1 yr 40% Plastc Bottle 450 yrs 3-14 mos. 3 Cotton rope Photodegredable 6-pack ring 6 mos. O Cotton glove Waxed Milk Carton Reduce Disposable Diapers 450 yrs3 Aluminum Can 200 yrs 1-5 mos. Styrofoam buoy 80 yrs 3 3 mos. 3 Recycled 80 percent of ocean pollution causes are land based, or human induced, to be precise. Foam cup 50 yrs 3 Apple core 50 yrs Newspaper 2 mos Tin can 6 wks. Painted wooden stick 13 yrs 3 1-3 yrs Paper Towels 2-4 wks Reuse Pluouned Plywood 2 wks. Cardboard boK REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE 1 yr Glass bottles/jars Wool Glove Compost 20% 80% Munitions Dumping WMD dose to home 20 percent of ocean pollution is caused by ocean-based activities, mostly from cruise ships. An sized cruise ship nduces around a million gallons of waste water in a week. Radioactive Stat 20% RUSSJA N.Y. MLES Key to Chemicals ALASKA PA. Anubnd ALI drogmyanide OHIO As a result of accidents, some 51 nuclear warheads were lost into sea (44 Soviet and 7 U.S - although at least one Soviet warhead was recovered). Also, seven, nuclear reactors (5 Soviet and 2 U.S.) from three Soviet and Every year 14 billions pounds of waste is disposed in the oceans all over the world. This waste WVA. VA. A Matudgn Ntin Nerve gos includes garbage, sewage water, sludge, ol etc. NEWPORTNEWS O Phosgene CALIFORNIA Whephophons N.C. Somen DEAD ZONES DEAD ZONES S.C two U.S. nuclear-powered submarines have been lost Gonfancil CUVESTON MISS. ALA. GA. at sea due to accidents. Ocean dead zones are ocean regions where the amount of oxygen dissolved in the water has fallen so low that most or all marine life is incapable of surviving. There are currently several hundred known dead zones around the world, ranging from less than a square mile to tens of thousands of square miles in surface area. What is killing fish and other living systems in these coastal areas? A complex chain of events is to blame, but it often starts with farmers and the fertilizers they use, trying to grow more food for the world's growing population. GML Another reactors nuclear-powered vessels have been deliberately dumped at sea (18 Soviet and 1 U.S.). Atlantic Ocean 19 nuclear from HAWAII Mad Hanol NEWORLIANS FLA. Gulf of Mexico Bahamas MLES MEES Lomped

Who's Been Dumping In My Ocean?

shared by PixelRoad on Jan 11
What are the pollutants, where are they coming from and how are they ending up in our oceans?




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