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Where To Stop and Smell The Roses

Where to Go to Stop and *Smell the Roses The Best Gardens Around the World for Each Season We'l show you 12 gardens, three for each season of the year, to inspire your garden at home. Along with the gardens, we'W give you some tips for growing their iconic plants, too! The Botanical Gardens of Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro, Brazl * Spnng Victoria Lily 140 hectares contanıng 6.50O species of flora, some endangered. Use the Idaho Botanical Garden for inspiration! They hang their lights on the branches of trees and from the roofs of buildings and use every surface in the most imaginative ways that they can. You don't need to break the bank to put on a fantastic display. Consider buying an arch or a fence for your garden. You can use them to grow vines in the warmer months and to hold lights in the colder ones. Set up a bench or other seating as a place to enjoy your garden year-round For the winter months, perhaps set up a fire pit in view of the garden as wel. Check out the half-mile Avenue of Royal Palms, a line of 134 palm trees all descended from a single specimen known as the "Palma Mater." There's also the Research Institute of the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Cardens, the largest botanical lbrary and collection of artifacts in Brazıl. Armadale Castle Gardens The Isle of Skye, Scotland * Spnng The Chilean Fire Bush This bush blooms between May and June with small, thin red flowers. Plant it in cool ground where it wil be in full or part sunlight most of the time. Water it regularly, and surround it with ground-covering plants to protect its This 40-acre garden is wrapped around the beautful and histonc Armadale Castle, maintaned by Clan Donald Skye. which dates back to the 170DS. roots. Besides the gardens, the castle estate contains 10.500 ocres of woodands and small towns. The caretakers offer instructed archery, axe-throwng, and other activities. Brooklyn Botanic Garden New York City, New York, USA * Spnng This 52-acre garden in Prospect Park sees more than 900,000 visitors each yearl Its chery blossom, or "Hanam" festival takes place in Spring. More than 200 trees of 42 different speaes and vanehes bloom from March to May. Azalea Bonsai Tree Make sure to vist the Stenhardt Conservatory and tour the C.V. Starm Bonsai Museum, which is one of the When it comes to sun and water, these bonsai require balance in each category. For watar, collect rain water or filtar your tap water first. Azaloas will grow stronger at their bottoms than their tops, so focus your pruning at the bottom of the shrub. After flowering remove the wilted flowers to encourage growth. Repot them every two years. oldest gardens of its kind in the Unted States. Denver Botanıc Gardens Denver, Colorado, USA A Summer This garden is wel-known for its "Dryland Mesa" section, which showcases the art of xenscaping, or landscaping to minmıze the need for watenng. You can hike along Mount Goliath and Mount Evans along hikng trais that are part of a wildflower garden. The Yucca Plant For growing a yucca inside your house, you'N want sandy soil with good drainage. Plant them in a big pot, and only water them a little bit every two weeks or so. Yuccas are drought-resistant but might need extra wataring if you get a heat wave of over 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The Denver Botanic Cardens are especally interesting for their use of stones. The 500 tons of rock gardens are filled and more than 2.300 speces of plants. Peak flowenng season is between May and October. Jichang Garden, “The Garden of Ecstasy" WUxi, Jiangsu Province, China * Summer This is a famous dassical Chinese garden occupies a space of less than a single acre, but uses perspective and the surrounding land to make itself seem larger. The movement of water throughout the garden has been sculpted to create a constant, steady stream of calming Sound. Stop to admre the Hushan and Xishan mountans - a fantastic view. If you have a tour, ask about the different poems associated with vanous sections. The Classical Chinese Garden Classical Chinese gardens were used as places to retreat from the outside world, to reflect and find peace. They are often enclosed by four walls and include ponds, rock structures and arrangaments, winding paths, and more. The goal is to create multiple scanes along the path that a viewer can journey through. Kırstenbosch National Botanical Carden Newlands. Cape Town, South Afnca Summer Known as "the most beautiful garden in Afnca." Kırstenbosch is also an important center for research. This 1,30D-acre garden has nature trails that lead up nearby Table Mountain, and it hosts Growing Plants From the Protea Family Every protea is different, but in general they require well-draning and acidic sol. They ike full sunlight, need their space, and don't need fertilzer. For the first 18 months of a young plant's life, you'l need to keep its roots a little moist. Otherwise they only need to be watered once a week during dry periods. outdoor concerts and events in the summer. Ask around for research being done on Restio grass, a unique grass that requres smoke from bush fires to reproduce. Instead of exploring gardens, for autumn, let's look at the best places to watch the leaves change colors! Fragrant Hills Park Northwestem Being. Hadian Distnct, China * Autumn Fragrant Hills Park is the site of the former Jingyi Palace and itself an impenal garden. Its 395 acres are known as one of the most "tounsty" attractions in Beyng. It's still beauthiful thoughl You can nde cable cars through the park or walk one of its two main trails, which wind over bndges and along lakes. This park shines in the fall, when its The Summer Garden St. Petersburg. Russia * Autumn Although it's called the Summer Carden. it shows its true colors in autumn. Rather than fiery reds and oranges, most of the leaves you'l see wil be a delicate golden color. The walkways of the Summer Carden were once Ined with hundreds of beautiful statues by famous Venethan sculptors. Many of the onginals have been moved to museums for the sake of preservation, but ther modern replacements are just as beautiful. The Kancamagus Highway New Hampshire, USA * Autumn The Kancamagus Highway is named after a Native Amencan chief whose name means "The Fearless One." It is about 56 mles long and travels east to west connecting Bath and Conway through the White Mountan National Forest. The Kancamagus has been designated a National ScenIc Byway by the U.S. Department of Transportation. The best leaf-peepng route in the country can be traveled in September and October. The Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam. The Netherlands * Winter Founded in 1638, this is one of the world's oldest botanical gardens. Onginally, this garden was meant as a place for apothecanes and doctors to grow ingredients for their horticultural remedes. Be on the lookout for the garden's famous Persan ronwood tree. Ih the Hobby Greenhouses When considering a greenhouse think about the space you might need years from now. You can choose to build a freestanding greenhouse or lean it up against your home to make an "attached" version. Besides winter, you'll want to vist the many greenhouses of the gardens. There, you can see butterfies, cacti, flowenng palms, and other plants to remind you of Spnng. insulating the greenhouse, you may also need to consider an electrical heater or heat lamps, and youll need good ventilation so that your plants don't overheat. Contact a gardening specialist near you for more advicel The Chicago Botanıc Garden Chicago, Illinois, USA * Winter This 385-acre garden has 26 separately themed gardens that include an aquatic garden, a bonsai collection, a bulb garden, a dwarf conifer garden, an English meadow, a waterfall garden, and more. Wak the paths of the Dwarf Conifer Carden admıre the classic sights of confers drooping with snowfal. Winter birds like chickadees, goldfinches, woodpeckers, and nuthatches will Ine the paths with their sweet music. Winter Bird Feeders Instead of thin seeds, offer up more fatty and high-calorie fare like ol sunflower seeds, suet, and peanuts in winter. Place your bird foeder in a sheltered place so that birds have a place to hide from the wind, but leave enough open space so that they won't feel cornered. Evergreen trees, shrubs, and roosting boxes are great additions. The Idaho Botanical Garden Boise, Idaho, USA A Winter Some of the Idaho Botanical Garden's individual gardens include an alpıne rock garden, a cactus garden, an herb garden, a spotlight on plants native to Idaho, and a meditation garden. Dunng its "Winter Carden aGlow" festival, which usually takes place from November to early January, the garden Is lit up with more than 300,000 ights and displays that transform the peaceful white snow into a classic Amencan festival of lights. Light up Your Garden! You don't need to break the bank to put on a fantastic display. Consider buying an arch or a fence for your garden. You can use them to grow vines in the warmer months and to hold lights in the colder ones. Set up a bench or other seating as a place to enjoy your garden year-round. AvasFlowers Better Flowers Lower Prices SOURCES

Where To Stop and Smell The Roses

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12 different gardens from different parts of the world. Each garden has a unique iconic plant that you can learn to grow in your own home.


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