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What's Watt in Wind Energy

What's Watt in Wind? Watt vs. Watt Hours - Watt is the rate of - Watt-Hours is the total energy used electricity use by a device at a single moment. over a period of time. Note: The use of electricity is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh). 50 KILOWATTHOURS Wattage of Device X Hours used 55 lo00 (Dividing by 1000 changes the number from Watt-Hours to Kilowatt-Hours) The Math: Example: One Month of Big Screen LCD TV Watching. 300W X 3 hours a Day X 30 Days a Month = 27,000W / 1000 = TV 27 kWh a' month Other Common Devices: 25 Watt 60 Watt 150 Watt 700 Watt 4000 Watt In 2010, as reported by the u.S. Energy Information Administration the monthly average consumption of 958 -- ---- a month That is the same as 53, 25 W Lightbulbs turned on 24hours a Day for a Month. energy per home was 958k Wh. How many houses will a 1.5 MW Wind Trubine Power in a Month running only 25% of the time? 1.5 1.5 MW Turbine X 24 hours a day X 30 Days a Month X 25 % = 270 Mwh 270 MWh x 1o00 = 270,000 kWh 958 kWh 281 Houses Пи म । सम। Пимы Created by the Wind Department at Pinnacle Career Institute 1.866.390.1785 Pinnacle Career Institute

What's Watt in Wind Energy

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How much power do Wind Turbines, the tempest task masters of the sky tend to tap into? A Wind Farm of several turbines is a serious power station. Here we examine one Wind Turbine and how it relates...


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