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What Makes A Livable and Lovable City

The Philips Center for Health and Well-being Insight Series on Livable Cities nr.I A livable and lovable city?* The Philips Livable Cities think tank believes that livable cities are successful cities. They have identified three important and interlinked ingredients of a livable city: Resilience Authenticity Inclusiveness is about creating social integration and cohesion. Inclusive focuses on adaptability, flexibility and balance. It is about the is the ability to maintain the local character of the city. the local heritage, culture and environment. At the same time, a city needs to accommodate social, economic and ability of a city to 'invent or 're-invent itself through cities are open for participation from the widest range of shocks and stresses, to harmoniously accommodate old civil society, irrespective of gender, age, ethnicity. cultural heritage, beliefs, religion and economic status. Inhabitants should have equal opportunities to participate in the and new values, and to adapt the functions and require- technological changes - and evolve itself. This evolution ments of the city. It illustrates a city's capacity to balance needs to be sustainable and match the expectations of continuity with change, heritage and innovation, natural activities of a city. Inclusiveness enhances community the citizens. spaces and the urban environment to the benefit of its feelings, the sense of ownership towards the city. the sense inhabitants. of belonging to a place. Lovable cities reference based on a concept by Darko Rodovic, Keio University Tokyo, first presented at the think tank meeting in Singapore on 20/01/2011 An authentic city can create a In an inclusive city, inhabitants sense of pride and belonging are actively involved from the "This is my city" It can make a start of every city initiative. city lovable as well as livable The city is open to political Livable cities need environ- participation from the widest mental resilience with a low range of civil society ecological and low carbon footprint They need to consider energy. food, water and materials. Resilient cities need economic stability. They should strive for economic diversity to reduce dependence on one economic model, job creation, as well as Parks and other forms of entrepreneurship. natural heritage are important for authenticity as it creates a collective memory. Native www species emphasise the unique location of a city. Parks function ------- Social cohesion implies that as resilient 'lungs' of a city - a city is inclusive and breeds improving the air quality. cooperation and tolerance Everyone in the city is included between citizens with different has rights, and is entitled values and beliefs. to a better life. The elderly. disabled and poor are seen as potentially valuable social capital. wwww ивие ----- Resilient cities realize that they are connected and interdependent within a system of other cities and also with the rural environ- ment surrounding them. The history of a city makes it authentic. It reflects local culture and local knowledge and reinforces a sense of place The relationship with the and the local identity surrounding rural area is ததரராச்ச important for resilience. Food supply and urban agriculture need to be considered. PHIUPS The Philips Center for Health & Well-being is focused on improving the lives of people around the world. The Insight Series shares the work-in-progress of the think tanks operating within The Philips Center for Health & Well-being. Through illustrating a snapshot or a concept, they are aimed at stimulating discussion and debate around critical challenges in improving health & well-being worldwide. twitter @philipscenter

What Makes A Livable and Lovable City

shared by rmmojado on Mar 25
The Philips Center for Health and Well-being recently created this infographic looking into what makes a livable and lovable city. At its heart are three key ingredients — resilience, inclusiveness,...


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