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What is Diatomaceous Earth?

what is DIATOMACEOUS EARTH? DIATOMITE IS MINED IN: CALIFORNIA, NEVADA, OREGON & WASHINGTON DIATOMITE WA OR NV DIATOM CA DIATOMS PRODUCE 20% AN ESTIMATED 20-40% 40% OF EARTH'S OXY GEN common uses for DIATOMITE 58% FILTER AIDS Filters beer, wine, water, and swimming pools 14% ABSORBENT FOR LIQUIDS 14% 13% CEMENT FILLERS 1% OTHER including pharmaceutical uses 5 WAYS TO USE DE to kill bugs Sprinkle DE on and around plants to protect them from insects. Use a hand duster to puff DE into crevices or corners of your home where you've seen bugs. Place DE in doorways or window frames where bugs could get in. Lightly dust your bed and surrounding areas to eliminate bedbugs. Add DE to your garbage can to kill bugs attracted to your leftovers and help eliminate odors. BUGS DE KILLS FLEAS, TICKS, BEDBUGS & LICE SQUASH BUGS SAWFLY, FLIES & FUNGUS GNATS & STINK BUGS PILLBUGS & TWIG BORERS THRIPS, ANTS & APHIDS MITES & SPIDERS BEETLES & CODDLING SLUGS COCKROACHES МОTH & SNAILS SILVERFISH & EARWIGS Safer Safe BRAND AI& NO NSECT KTLE Safer BED BUG Satomaceous Earti Tiera Diatomáce. Safer KILLER Kil Reaches. ANT & ora Als, Eaneigs, and other CAWLING CT KILLER Ouatiag •Corless Nonstaiaing OMRI NET CON SOURCES: | |

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

shared by alawrence on Oct 26
To avoid a text heavy infographic we split this infographic up into 6 separate graphics accompanied by a text explanation in the blog post by each. Here's what the infographic looks like all together ...


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