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What is Deforestation?

The permanent DEFORESTATION chopeling, clearing and subtraction of trees intentionally, naturally or The roots of the problem- Causes of deforestation inadvertently is called Mining deforestation. Logging Cattle Agriculture Urban ranching development Effects of deforestation Tree roots cause gaps in the soil. This enables water and air to reach roots of plants. After deforestation, the water stays on top of the soil, which can cause floods. Trees absorb water and give out some moisture to the atmosphere. When trees are chopped down, the rivers etc dry out and drought occurs. Birds, insects and animals lose their homes. Plants soak up CO2 during photosynthesis and give out oxygen. Cutting down plants will increase CO2 and increase global warming. CO2 Insect plagues occur. * 某 果 What can we do? For each older tree being cut, a newer Reduce paper use Educate ourselves and young tree should be planted others on importance of forests Deforestation facts 亚 70% of our plants 2000 trees are brutally chopped down every and animals reside 25% of our medicines in forests. minute in the rainforests. come from rainforest trees. Copyright © 2015 Mocomi & Anibrain Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. OGOMI com

What is Deforestation?

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The permanent chopping, clearing and subtraction of trees intentionally, naturally or inadvertently is called deforestation.


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