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Well Managed Marine Protected Areas Support Fisheries

WELL MANAGED MARINE PROTECTED AREAS SUPPORT FISHERIES MPAS IMPROVE THE HEALTH OF OCEANS BY: MPA KEY PRINCIPLES FOR MPAS TO WORK: MPAS SUPPORT LIVELIHOODS Enforced and Well Designed Networks of MPAS Complied With In Apo Islands, Philippines, Protecting and Restoring Marine Habitats Increasing Resilience to Environmental Protecting Species and Rebuilding Fish Stocks fishers have doubled their catch Local Community Engagement Part of an Integrated Management Plan rate 18 years after the MPA was created. As a result, they go out to sea less, saving on fuel and time. Changes Sustainably Financed A global review shows that well-managed MPAS can substantially increase fish size, +446% MPAS CAN PUMP FISH INTO ADJACENT AREAS density, biomass and species richness. As fish populations recover within MPAS, juveniles and adults can spill over across the boundaries and replenish fishing grounds. EXAMPLE: APO ISLAND PROTECTED AREA, PHILIPPINES Surgeonfish and jackfish represent 40-75% of local fishery yields. ..resulting in an increase in catch Since the MPA +166% was established, their population has tripled.. per unit effort of +50% MPAS CAN EXPORT LARVAE INTO ADJACENT AREAS +28% Larger fish inside MPAS produce disproportionately more eggs and larvae. Some larvae then drift to fished areas. +21% EXAMPLE: GREAT BARRIER REEF PROTECTED AREA, AUSTRALIA The coral trout and the stripey snapper are exploited locally. Local MPAS produce + 50% of total juvenile recruitment in nearby fished areas. + 50% Globally, WWF works to support Marine Protected Areas and ensure they contribute to securing food and livelihoods for people while conserving critical habitat and species. WWF Design by: Catalyze SO URCES Harrison et al., 2012, Lester et al., 2009, Russ et al., 2004 DENSITY RICHNESS BIOMASS

Well Managed Marine Protected Areas Support Fisheries

shared by catalyzecomms on Mar 23
The infographic illustrates how the basic mechanics of MPAs can allow fish populations to replenish in adjacent areas, helping fishers to access a steady supply of fish.




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