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Water World

THE WATERING HOLE WATER WORLD Compare home water use in the U.S. to the U.K. and Canada and one alarming trend stands out: The only way to understand and appreciate the importance of water to our lives is to look at the data flowW. BY CHARLES FISHMAN 300 WE LIKE TO FLUSH E Volume of water used by U.S. toilets at home per flushes each day tons of water are required to manufacture person per day: 18.5 gallons 1 ton of steel. 5.7 billion gallons 250 each day by U.S. toilets at home RUN FOR THE MONEY Cost to India's economy from diarrhea caused by tainted water each year: $20 billion gallons of water are necessary to generate the electricity used at home by each American per day. billion 5.5 gallons Volume of water used by all ! !! !! !! homes in the U.K. and Canada for all purposes H EH (per day) 49 percent FOOD VS. WATER LOST IN THE PIPES Number of gallons of water that leak from utility pipes before reaching customers: U.S. water use devoted to generat- ing electricity Amount of water required to raise and process food for the average American's 2,000-calorie daily diet: U.S. 1 of 6 U.K. 1 of 5 528 1 of 4 ITALY gallons The U.S. uses more water in a day than it uses oil CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER CONSERVATION in a year. NATION COCA-COLA'S SECRET FORMULA People worldwide who either have no access to clean water or must walk to retrieve it: The U.S. uses Per capita Because of washing and other manufactur- ing processes, 5 liters of water are required to produce 2 liters of Coke. more water water use in three days in the U.S. than the world uses oil (per day) in a year. Water Coca-Cola uses worldwide per day: 227 million 5 liters 1,460 gallons 1955 - out of - 10 gallons Size of the U.S. city that Coke's water use - гсоuld support: 1.5 million CITY OF LOST CHILDREN 4 liters BOTTLE BABIES 5,000 Price of a typical half-liter bottle of 1,920 gallons 1980 wat people a convenience store in the U.S.: 99 cents 3 liters Children who die from lack of water or from waterborne diseases (per day) 1,360 gallons 2005 FREE REFILLS 2 liters Number of times you can refill the half-liter bottle from the tap before using 99 cents' worth of tap water: 1,740 0- 250 CHILDREN Total liters for 1 liter 450 water blion gallons use in the U.S. 400 Пллл TЛЛЛЛT (per day) 1975 1980 2005 ToacaCola

Water World

shared by Angel on Nov 15
This infographic how much water is used at home and in the world. This infographic shows the importance of water and it's uses in the world.


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