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The Water Wager

EWATER WAGER THE AVERAGE AMERICAN FAMILY USES HUNDREDS OF GALLONS OF WATER EACH DAY. HOW MUCH ARE YOU WILLING TO GIVE UP BY BETTING WITH WATER? HERE WE'LL TAKE A LOOK AT THE TRUE COST OF NEGLECTING WATER CONSERVATION. WATER STATISTICS: The U.S. uses HOW DO WE USE WATER? 410 billion gallons of water each day. 65% WATER IS USED FOR EVERYTHING: of drinking water comes from rivers and streams. Domestic uses, agriculture, cooling database servers, cooling nuclear power plants, making steel, etc. 41.5% of total U.S. freshwater withdrawals as of 2005 went to thermoelectric power, and 37% went to irrigation. Only 8.5% went to domestic usage. At home, the average American family uses 70% INDOOR USES 300 GALLONS PER DAY. goes to 30% OUTDOOR goes to 21.7% WASHING CLOTHES of domestic water USES but that can be higher in drier parts of the nation (up to 60%). usage goes to 26.7% goes to FLUSHING TOILETS. is lost through leaks - or roughly 13.7% 10 GALLONS. WHY DOES WATER CONSERVATION MATTER? 70% of the Earth's surface is covered by water. But less than 1% is available for use by humans. 40 OF THE 50 U.S. STATE WATER MANAGERS expect water shortages during average conditions in portions of their respective states over the next 10 years. THE AVERAGE AMERICAN500 household spends 500 on water and sewer bills annually. WHAT AM I RISKING BY NOT CONSERVING? This could save 5.4 billion gallons each day – that translates to $11.3 million per day, or $4 BILLION PER YEAR. By not conserving, we risk water depletion. Planet-wide water demands will increase by 40% over the next ten years. With water efficient fixtures, the average American could save $170 If all U.S. homes installed water-saving features (e.g. low-flow toilets and fixed leaks), water usage would drop by 3%. or more each year water and sewer bills. BY 2025 By 2025, two thirds of the global population will live in regions that are affected by water scarcity. The drought in California has cost the state $2.7 BILLION IN 2015 ALONE. Here in the U.S., we've increased reliance on underground aquifers. These aquifers, however, can run out. In Kansas, for example, increased usage of the Ogallala Aquifer will cause farming in the area to peak and begin declining in 2040 due to water depletion. Extreme drought in many states – like Oregon, which lists 32.7% of the state as experiencing severe drought; 67.3% experiencing extreme drought – will only make water scarcity worse. By installing a low-flow showerhead, a person can save 15 gallons for ever HOW CAN I CONSERVE? 10-minute shower. EAT LESS BEEF. It takes 16,000 liters to produce one pound of beef. A low-flow toilet can save several gallons per flush. A five-minute shower can save 1,000 gallons each month. Top-loading washers use 40 GALLONS Use a broom instead of a hose to clean o the driveway – could save up to 80 gallons during each cleaning. per load; a front-loading o one uses only 20 Shower instead By not covering an outdoor pool, hundreds of gallons can be lost each month due to evaporation. of bathing – a bath requires gallons. 70 Brought to you by Ranka | Resources:

The Water Wager

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The average American family uses hundreds of gallons of water each day. How much are you willing to give up by betting with water? Here we’ll take a look at the true cost of neglecting water conservation.


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