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Water is Not a "Natural Resource"

Water is NOT a "Natural Resource" It is a BLESSING we humans have been assigned to manage for itS Creator, and managers never look at their masters' property as their "resources". Since all water is God's property, we have to focus on ACCESS to clean water, WATER POLLUTION, and WATER CONSERVATION. ACCESS Fair & Compassionate Distribution 20 seconds Every20 a child dies from water-borne illness. In Eastern Africa, more than 25% of the population spends more minutes The people of the world who have: 30 than Water scarcity at least 1 month/year (2.7 billion people) NO access to clean water trip to collect water for their daily household use. round (1.1 billion people) 37.5% 15.3% world population world population POLLUTION Stewardship of Industrial & Agricultural Processes Runoff containing nitrogen, phosphorus and other fertilizers million tons E of industrial and agricultural wastes are poured into the earth's water sources each day. cause "dead" zones where organisms cannot survive. The largest dead zones are in the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Food production Why CARE? and consumer In Matthew 25 Jesus shows that he cares about the poor and thirsty and wants his followers to care as well, "I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink." God created the world to have plenty of clean water for everybody, but in our current fallen world, not everybody can access clean water. Christians should be acting in line with His original plan and His ultimate purpose for a renewed world. goods use massive amounts of God's water. Liters of water 15,000 L 1,066 L 10,000 L used in the production of food and material is shown to the In Genesis 1:28-30, we are assigned to be stewards over God's creation, including concern about water conservation and pollution. 1 kg 1 kg beef 1 kg left. Clean water is one of the most basic blessings God intends for all His creatures, and it is a building block for many other blessings. cotton soy burger The FUTURE of Global Water by 2050 The issues of access and use of water impact many parts of the world - both developed & developing countries. % of naturally replenishable water exploited by 2050 Adequate < 30% .1 - 10% 10 - 20% 20 - 30% Under Stress 30 - 99% Critical Deficiencies > 100% 30 - 50% 50 - 99% 100-200% 200%+ O Resources available to H desalinate, import water, etc. CALL TO ACTION Do share water. Consider adding a surcharge on your own purchases of bottled water and/or your water bill, donating implication of products it to a Christian organization that provides clean water for people who are dying without it. Thank the Treat water as Creator God God's property. Be for water, mindful of the water not Mother that you use. Don't waste or pollute water. Nature. It's not a "natural resource." Sources: Progress on Sanitation & Drinking-Water: 2010 Update, World Health Organization,, Water Quality Facts, National Geographic, Future of the Global Church, Johnstone, p. 18. Brought to you by our sponsor: O Lifewater. To find more infographics from GMI visit gmi Providing water, health and hope since 1977 CONSERVATION Stewardship of Water

Water is Not a "Natural Resource"

shared by GMIMissiographics on Oct 28
So many live without the benefit of clean water and the sanitation that it provides. As we commemorate World Water Day on March 22, what should our response be? In this week's infographic take a journ...


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