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Water Down

WHERE IS ALL THE WATER? ACCORDING TO THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION: That leaves 1.1 billion SALTWATER DOMINATES MOST FRESHWATER EARTH'S SUPPLY: IS UNATTAINABLE: people without access 97.5% 70% to clean water. IS FROZEN IN SALTWATER POLAR ICECAPS 441141 2.5% 30% LIES UNDERGROUND FRESHWATER (most to tap into and filter) of which is too expensive THAT'S ABOUT ONE IN SIX PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. LESS THAN 1% HOW DOES WATER GET CONTAMINATED? of the world's freshwater is available for human consumption Lack of sanitation is the world's biggest culprit of infection. R Water-related diseases are most commonly caused by harmful micro-organisms and chemicals that get into the drinking water supply. ACCESS TO SAFE DRINKING WATER BY REGION EVERY DAY 2 MILLIªN TªNS Only a little more than half of the Sub-Saharan African population of industrial and agricultural waste are poured into the earth's waters. The has access to safe drinking water. The United Nations estimates Embarrassing that in close to 15 years, approximately 48 nations-like those in Africa-will face freshwater scarcity. Lack of Clean JUUL Water Access 10%. APPROXIMATELY of the global in the World population is ingesting food grown using unsanitary According to the United and fertilization wastewater. Nations, unsanitary water kills more people worldwide CHILDREN ARE MOST AFFECTED than war. As the precious 100% water supply dwindles, 87% 85% 86% Every 20 seconds 76% it may prove to be more than just a crisis for 57% a child dies from a water-borne illness. developing countries. Worldwide, 88 percent of diarrhea cases can be blamed on unsanitary water. And children under Sub-Saharan Middle East / East Asia / South Asia Latin America / Industrialized the age of five comprise 90 percent of deaths from Africa diarrhea-related diseases. It's the leading cause SOURCES: North Africa Pacific Caribbean Countries WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (PERCENT OF POPULATION) of death in this age group. CLEANWATERFORTHEWORLD.ORG WATER.ORG | WATERINFO.ORG WORLDWATER.ORG I UNICEF.ORG A COLLABORATION BETWEEN GOOD AND COLUMN FIVE UN.ORG SAFE DOWN WATEDY

Water Down

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This infographic provides information for clean water around the world. It shows how much clean and unsanitary water there is in the world, why there is a problem and provides statistics for the numbe...




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