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Water 21st Century Challenges

WATER 21ST CENTURY CHALLENGES TOTAL VOLUME OF WATER AVAILABLE DEMOGRAPHIC BOOM AND URBANIZATION THE TOAL VOLUME OF WATER ON EARTH IS 1.424.192.640 Km? 1 second = 2 more people Every second, the urban population grews by 2 people 97.5% ut salt water 2050 19 2011 - 70% * f the planet's pesh is mastly found water l frear in rhe lorcaps Antarctice and Grealand 30% fresh blion people with 50% in rban areas billon people with 70%% in underground urban areas CLIMATE FACTORS FRESH WATER USE BY SECTOR RAGATION | 4 billion |< 100 liters | 2 billion m3 70% 2015 2050 INDUSTRY 4 billion people may be facing waler scarcity or flooding, that is: half of the global population 993 million city inhubitants may be living with less than 106 liters of fresh water to satisfy their basic needs 2 billion w'of water a year: this would be the fresk water deficit to meet actual irrigation, industry and domestic needs 22% DOMESTIC USE 8% HUMAN WATER NEEDS WATER FOOTPRINT WASTEWATER TREATMENT 2-4L 2000+ L 150 The daily drinking It takes 2 000 to water requirement 5000 liters of water to produce one person's daily food per person is 2-4 liters 2.5 5 2011 BILLION people ive withaut basic BILLION people may ke without basic sankatkn 1 KILO OF FICE 1RR OF SHOES 1 PAIR OF JEANS 1 KILO OF BEEF 1CAR 1000-3 000 L 8 000 L 11 000 L 13 000-15 000 L 30 000 L sanitation ACCESS TO DRINKING WATER CONSERVING WATER RESOURCES HEALTH 783 000 00 .40% 600 00 concentrated in Sub-Saharan Africa people don't have access to safe fresh water. people die each year from water-related diseases 2% of fresh water will be produced via desalination by 2015 Souroen UNER, UN Habitat, World lan, ONERE, WAP, FAo, WHO UN Powered by for the 2012 World Water Forum E E. I.

Water 21st Century Challenges

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The main global water challenges are illustrated: from urban growth to the preservation of resources, water requirements in irrigation and industrial use, and access to drinking water and health consequences.


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