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From Vision 2050 to Action 2020

From Vision 2050 to Action 2020 VISION 2050 SET A PATHWAY TOWARD A WORLD IN WHICH 9 BILLION PEOPLE CAN LIVE WELL, AND WITHIN THE LIMITS OF THE PLANET. Many companies have set sustainability goals... GLOBAL SURFACE TEMPERATURE CHANGE ("C) 100% RENEWABLE ENERGY IN OPERATIONS REDUCE GHG 0.6 EMISSIONS 80% BY 2040 0.4 0.2 -0.2 REDUCE -0.4 - FRESHWATER USE BY 25% BY 2016 1970 2012 ENGAGE SMALLHOLDER FARMERS USE ECOSYSTEM VALUATION IN DECISION-MAKING LATION TIN 2012) Z.1 1.2 BILLION ..but it hasn't tipped the scale for a sustainable future. PEOPLE LIVING IN POVERTY (IN 2010) AVERAGE ANNUAL CLIMATE-RELATED DISASTERS WORLDWIDE 172 -----2000.201-1--.. FLOOD Mother Nature is O starting to send invoices back to the world economy. 103 STORM 1990s 1980s - Johan Rockström, EXTREME TEMP Executive Director, Stockholm Resilience Center 17 DROUGHT ACTION 2020 TAKES VISION 2050 FURTHER WITH A FRAMEWORK FOR ACTION. We're partnering with the scientific community to identify the areas in which business can make the biggest impact. ..scaling up the efforts of the private sector globally... Vision 2050 COMPANIES Priority Areas MEMBER Societal Must-Haves (2020 Goal) 190 Business Solutions Technologies, Practices, New Business Models, Standards/Certifications Actions by Companies Enablers of Scale 35 COUNTRIES Policy & Institutional Réquirements Financing & Investment: Partnership & Collaboration Company Sector Value Chain 64 REGIONAL NETWORKS ..and bringing together all parts of civil society in developed and developing countries. US$ 7 TRILLION REVENUES Changing to a time horizon that resonates NGOS POLICY MAKERS VISION 37 2050 more with business SCIENCE leaders.. HOW? YEARS VS Cece HARMFUL SUBSTANCES 2020 ACTION YEARS ECOSYSTEMS NUTRIENT ELEMENTS SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLES CLIMATE CHANGE SKILLS & EMPLOYMENT SFFICIENC ..with concrete "business solutions" and commitments to measurable targets... BRAND STRENGTH & RIGHTS CUSTOMERS TALENT ...that also generate bottom-line results. ANOVATION ENTIRE ORGANIZATIONS NEED TO GET ON BOARD THE PRIVATE SECTOR IS TAKING ACTION The global businesses community is mobilizing to address the urgent needs of the planet and its people through Action2020, a joint venture of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the World Resources Institute. 200+ COMPANIES & 15+ MILLION EMPLOYEES VISIT WWW.WBCSD.ORG TO LEARN MORE ABOUT ACTION2020 Action2020 Sources: Laurence Chandy, Natasha Ledie and Veronika Penciakova (Brookings Institution):; UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction; Strategy & Business (Booz & Co.): World Business Council for Sustainable Development wbcsd INSTITUTE GLOBAL E BILLION TIMELIN "Tracking/ verification

From Vision 2050 to Action 2020

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Vision 2050 set a pathway toward a world in which 9 billion people can live well. and within the limits of the planet.


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