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United Sustainable Developments Infographic

World Bank estimates that air pollution impacts unto 9% of a city's GDP You can make 20 new UNITED cans from recycled material with the same energy it takes to make one from scratch. ENERGY SUSTAINABILITY We want to actively use renewable sources of energy across all projects so that natural sources ke the sun, air and biomass are Globally, we use as many as 1 million new plastic bags every minute at a cost of 2.2 billion gallons of oil a year. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENTS appropriately tapped into A tap leaking at the rate of one drip a second could waste more than 12,000 litres of water a year. ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY Our projects are built keeping an We throw 31 away 25 million active sensitivity to the environment around them. We work alongside TERI ascribes only 14% of air nature, and respect her as far as plastic bottles every hour possible. We use natural materials - pollution to Bangalore based industries FINANCIAL not chemically treated or 2. non-sustainable ones. Needless to SUSTAINABILITY add, we want to leave as low a It means creating sustainable financial flows, for our projects - which carbon footprint as possible. SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY Sustainable homes and offices are like services, not products, where the occupant's stress levels are lowered, and the service adds value to his life. Makes him more productive. Gives him peace of mind. Lets him relax. In an ongoing, impact-free sustainable manner which directly leads to a happier & content society! ensure that client funds go towards that specific project escrow account rather than anywhere else, which implies a higher probability of delivering on time and with the right quality ! S Every year, more than $13 billion worth of energy leaks from houses through small holes and cracks. 67% Bangalore own a mobile phone 1.5 million tons of plastic are used to make bottles every year, a waste that could instead power 250,000 homes. Nearly 100 million 2 trees are cut down annually just to make junk mail in the U.S. 18% of water supply is lost due to leakage in pipes! 98% of A large-screen television turned on for 6 hours a households have day can generate half a tonne of greenhouse gas a year. That's about the same amount as running a fridge for a whole year electricity. Only 38.4 % of the population owns a house %24 %$4 Green cover in Bangalore per person is 41 m sq! 42% of Glass bottles not only take 4,000 years to decompose, but they never wear out & can be recycled forever. Bangalore's air pollution is caused by vehicular emissions and 34% due to 1/3rd of households do not have access to tap water within their premises! But, 67% operate a bank account dust

United Sustainable Developments Infographic

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This was my biggest design by far, the final design was 194 by 94 inch. Yes, 194 by 94 inch believe it or not. The company was looking at not just a regular 'info-graphic' but a dash of "Info-graffiti...


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