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Unequal Changes

DEN- SITY GN + UNEQUAL CHANGES of global warming. The chapter represented examines vulnerabilities, impacts, costs and forms of adaptation of the human system in connection with the events generated by climate change. Are analyzed in detail the impacts in the fields of industry, services, infrastruc- factor which has become increasingly important in our analysis and, subse- quently, in the view of the fundamental concepts of the chapter. Another very important factor that influenced our design decisions was the almost total First of all, we have extrapolated from the text a series of qualitative data: we selected all the examples from the LABORATORIO DI SINTESI FINALE of the actors identified, seen as POLITECNICO DI MILANO Politecnico di Milano | A.Y. 2011-2012 moments of reaction of the human M.Sc. Communication Design Section c3 system to climate change. report on impacts, vulnerability, and the costs of adaptation strategies, which we divided according to geographical area and level of economic development in question. With regard to the numerical data instead, we had to lean on an external source, the Emdat. FACOLTÀ DEL DESIGN PROJECT BY Paolo Ciuccarelli absence of numerical data that could be Stefano Mandato Donato Ricci Lorenzo Fantetti represented graphically interesting. Most of the data reported by the chap- ter. In fact, are only reported very specific and isolated case studies, which do not give a representation that provides a clear picture of the situation. For this reason, during the data Federica Fragapane Emanuele Luppino Francesco Majno Tommaso Venturini ture and human settlements. No one has a comprehensive response on long-term potential impacts of climate change. Even the report compiled by the IPCC shows the limited knowledge of the possible changes that will affect human society in the coming decades because Salvatore Zingale A concept that emerges several times in the chapter covers the importance of the degree of economic development and the geographic location in deter- mining the impacts of the violence of these events. This was therefore a TEACHING ASSISTANTS As for the section dedicated to the Matteo Azzi actors and the flows and relationships between them, we gave particular Giorgio Caviglia Michele Mauri Azzurra Pini processing, we moved on two fronts. importance to the forms of adaptability NUMBER OF PEOPLE GDP PER CAPITA TYPE OF EVENTS NUMBER INDUSTRIES Each line corresponds to a selected example from the IPCC report of impacts, vulnerability, and costs of adaptation strategies ADAPTATION AMOUNT ($) C FLOODING OF EVENTS SI SOCIAL ISSUES AFFECTED ON THE TOTAL POPULATION AMOUNT COSTS F STORM WIDTH VALUE: 1 TO 100 SE SERVICES IMPACTS U UTILITIES PERCENT D DROUGHTS ANGLE VALUE: 1 TO 100 ST SETTLEMENTS VULNERABILITIES ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT / WHEATER IMPACTS 1982-2011 IPCC CASE STUDY HIGH LATITUDE AREA ARID AREA RIVERSIDE AREA COASTAL AREA TOTAL 2651 $ 15- 713 $ CHINA 10. 5. 47 10 52 16 20 100$ 94$ 1. I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST 15- 73$ 10- 5% 50$ 5. 319 $ 21 13 29 7 3 5% 52% 1. I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST | SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST 20$ 15. 10- O$ %9 5. 51 15 46 34 12 DECADES 1982-1991 1992-2001 2002-2011 1. I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST | SI SE U ST EVENTS 15- 10. COSTS DEATHS 5- 17 21 12 13 16 三 三 = I SI SE U ST 三 三 . I SI SE U ST 1. I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST PEOPLE AFFECTED VIETNAM 15. 10. 9,5% 8,1% 2% 100$ 822 $ 5. 40 10 50 11 18 1. 6,3% I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST 68$ 310 $ 15. 6% 50$ 10- 41$ 5- 379 $ -5% ==E. I SI SE U ST 12 11 13 4 0 三三三 I SI SE U ST 三三三 I SI SE U ST 2 % 1. I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST 15- 10- DECADES 1982-1991 1992-2001 2002-2011 5. 44 25 39 24 10 1. I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST 15. C. 10. 5. 19 35 26 14 17 1. ISI SE U ST I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST PAKISTAN 15- -1% 10- 836 $ 100$ 5. 16 4 18 4 8 I S SE I ST | SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST SI SE U ST 74$ 15. 0,4% 10. 50$ 1,2% 555 $ 5. 399 $ 1,2% 1,7% 17 11 13 4 0 1. ISI SE U ST I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST | SI SE U ST 12$ 15. 10. DECADES 1982-1991 1992-2001 2002-2011 5- 38 16 36 24 10 1. I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST | SI SE U ST 15- 10. 5. 16 28 23 13 15 1. I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST I SI SE U ST CLIMATE CHANGE AND HUMAN SYSTEM, IMPACTS AND ADAPTATION HUMAN SYSTEM SOCIAL ISSUE AREA ENVIRONMENTAL MEASURES EFFECTIVE GOVERNANCE EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS GOVERNMENT DROUGHT CYCLONE INFRASTRUCTURE AREA CHANGING PRECIPITATIONS INFRASTRUCTURE PLANNING COMMUNITIES INCREASED RESILIENCE OF STRUCTURES INCREASING SETTLEMENTS AREA TEMPERATURE INDIVIDUALS RELOCATION OF STRUCTURES FLOODINGS CHANGES IN BUSINESS PROCESSES INDUSTRIES AREA HEAT WAVE CHANGES IN TECHNOLOGIES SEA LEVEL RISING SERVICES AREA ENTERPRISES ATTENTION TO RISK FINANCING CO2 EMISSIONS Via Durando 10, 20159 Milano - 1 DensityDesign Design Research Lab E [email protected] IIII II||I| II|||| I||||15: I - 1 三年 IIl III- II||||||I|| IIII||||| 三年 III- II|||| III - III||||| IIII - III - II | - III- IIII- I||- III| 21,4% 15,6% 22,5% ADAPTATIONS 9,5% 13,4% 8,6% CO2 EMISSIONS %:'19 14,5% 25% (GENERATED BY WHEATER EVENTS) COST PER CAPITA (GENERATED BY WHEATER EVENTS) COST PER CAPITA DEVELOPED COUNTRY (GENERATED BY WHEATER EVENTS) COST PER CAPITA DEVELOPING COUNTRY POOR COUNTRY

Unequal Changes

shared by federicafragapane on Mar 28
Poster realized to visually summarize the main concepts of the IPCC report's chapter dealing with the climate change and its impacts on the human system. In the top three sample countries are analyze...


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