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The Ultimate Guide To Companion Planting

THE UL TIMATE GUIDETO PLANTING COMPANION Companion planting is a term used to describe the planting of different crops in proximity for pest control, pollination, providing habitat for beneficial creatures, maximizing use of space, and to otherwise increase crop productivity. Means plants grow well together Means plants shouldn't be grown together Apricot Asparagus. Basil Beans Broad Beans Bush Beans. Climbing Beans Beets Borage Cabbage Carrots Celery Cherry Chervil. Chives Coriander Corn Cucumber Dill Eggnlant Fennel Marigold Fruit Trees Garlic V Gooseberry Grape vine Grass Horseradish Lavender Leeks Lemon Balm Lettuce Marjoram Mints Mustard Nastyrtium Onions Parsley Parsnin Potato X Pumpkin Radish Raspberry Rosemary Roses Rue Sage Shallots Silverbeet Spinach Strawberries Sunflower Tansy VV Thyme Tomato Yarrow 시시 E 지 2222 PAULS | Landscaping MELBOURNE Mate ur Landscapi ajddy J0oudy Asparagus Basil sueag Broad Beans Bush Beans Climbing Beans spaag ağeing KKRRKRI KKKKRKI Broccoli Brussels Sprouts RRRRKRI Cabbage Chamomile Carrots KRRKRKI JaMOneg Celery Кшаца Chervil SAIYA Coriander Cucumber Fennel K Marigald Fruit Trees Grape vine kkk Mulberry kK kxXXX Onions wnguMseN > Parsley Peas Pennyroyal Potato unduna Radish Raspberry Rosemary Roses Rue afes Savory jaaquaA IS peuyds S > ysenbs Strawberries tinging Nettle Jамоцun IKRXRX||| KR| Tomato

The Ultimate Guide To Companion Planting

shared by PaulQuinn on Mar 25
Companion planting is a way to incorporate the nature in your home. It is a term used to describe how plants interact with each other to naturally repellent pests or have a positive effect on the soil...


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