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UK Solar Potential Data Visualisation

New Tab Q Jobs O Email O News O Shopping O Forums O Projects O Pin It * Perfect Full Page Ba 2 Adobe CS5 Master C >> O Other Bookmarks KUK POTENTIAL SOLAR evo°energy PV uptake since the Feed-in Tariff came in and potential for uptake across the UK compared with other European countries HISTORY OF THE FEED IN TARIFF (FIT) The amount of electricity produced using Solar Energy since each country's introduction of the Feed In Tariff KEY CODES 1991 AUT Austria BEL 1908 Belgium Bulgaria Cyprus Czech Republic BGR MAP KEY CYP Year FIT started |HUN NLD CZE None DEU Gemany 1991 DNK Denmark ESP Spain Estonia Finland CYP EST FIN 2010 - France CZE FRA GBR United King ITA Greece Hungary GRC HUN ROM IRL Ireland ПА Italy Lithuania BEL LTU LVA Latvia LUX Luxenbourg FRA MLT Malta GRC KEY Year FIT started Countyon NLD Netherlands POL Poland ESP Amourt PRT Portugal в00г LUX ROM Romania SVK Slovakia 2010 Below 10 SWE Sweden OUON 10.1 1000 100,1 10000 1.000.1 10,000.0 10.0001 UK REGIONAL FIT UPTAKE VS. POTENTIAL SOLAR IRRADIATION 20,0000 A North East 1. Darlington B London 2. Bamet C Scotland 3. Aberdeer 4. Dundee 5. Edinburgh 6. Glasgow D Wales 7. Cardiff E North West 8. Manchester 9. Preston NOTTINGHAM F West Midlands 10. Birmingham G East Midlands 11. Leicester BERLIN LONDON 12. Northampton H East of England KEY 13. Basildon MAP KEY 14. Ipswich 15. Norwich UK regional install capacity LANDS END City 1000 Yorkshire & Humber 16. Hull 17. Leeds 2.937 4.875 6.310 7.168 9.282 10.307 1099 J South East 18. Eastboume 1100 BRUSSELS 19. Portsmouth 1199 K South West 20. Bristol 21. Exeter 22. Plymouth 13.488 17.812 19.126 1200 1240 | 26.526 29.567 PARIS UK UPTAKE ON FIT The monthly Solar PV technology install data for the UK (Measured in MW) by month since the UK Feed-in Tariff was brought in. 27.6 17.3 16.6 13.6 8.9 9.5 10.0 10.2 6.2 6.6 6.3 5.5 4.5 AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG 2010 2011 COMMERCIAL COMMUNITY THE SUN FACTS INDUSTRIAL 6.5 2.6 0.5 THE SUN IS THE WORLD'S LARGEST POWER PLANT It provides more energy to the earth in 1 hour than that produced by all nations in a year. 140.2 0.01% DOMESTIC OF OUR ELECTRICAL NEEDS ARE POWERED BY SOLAR POWER 8:19 BILLION YEARS CAPACITY IN THE UK“ (MW) – MINUTES SECONDS FOR LIGHT TO TRAVEL FROM THE SUN'S SURFACE TO EARTH. ************* ****************** *** *********. *how many PV installations have been domestic Vs. commercial- Since the FIT was introduced. 1st April 2010- 1st August 2011. ......................... .................................................................................................................... |DEU|E t of Bectridtyproduced using so 10 (on & off-grid) in MWp |EST |PRT tenficates notAT 2002 IMWI Aypedep penen su jnoi UK REGIONAL INSTALL CAPACITY I--- ------ 2002 8002 Region Amount of irradiation in the UK S THE SUN WILL RUN OUT OF F

UK Solar Potential Data Visualisation

shared by RiLeigh84 on Jan 06
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Data visualisation to show the UK's solar potential, comparing regions and countries that have taken up the government Feed-in tariff over the years.



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