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Trade Show Display Industry Creating Massive Waste

Trade Shows CREATING Most of the World's Waste? Trade shows can generate an exuberant amount of garbage. The trash comes from flyers, samples, packaging, and much more, and it piles up fast, creating endless amounts of unused or barely used materials. Check out the graphic below that illustrates some solutions for "cleaning" up the trade show industry and making them a green-friendly environment. 600,000 Tons Of trash is generated every year by convention-goers The Trade Show Industry is the second largest industry to produce the most amount of waste, after the construction industry. And, the trade show attendance numbers don't make this problem any easier: 60,000,000. .People Visit Trade Shows Each Year, Comprised From... That's Over 1 Billion Ibs of Waste 20 Ibs of Waste-......... 14K 11K 3K Trade shows & Exhibitions Industry Events Consumer Shows HOW TO REDUCE WASTE AT EVENTS Make If Easy... Cans & Bottles Waste Only Create "Waste Reduction Stations" throughout the trade show floor using three, color-coded, easy-to-read bins that are labeled "cans & bottles, paper, and waste only." Stations can even be staffed with a "Waste Expert" to both educate attendees and police the trash. Use Technology To Reduce Paper Waste Instead of Smash Hit DISPLAYS using paper brochures, handouts and flyers, try using these digital solutions Hand out USBS loaded with your digital brochure(s). Use interactive devices like tablets or iPod touches to replace large booklets or to act as a fun display at your booth. Majority of event attendees come equipped with smart phones. Create an app or email that attendees can download directly to their phones. QR codes are an easy and inexpensive way to share digital content. If you must have physical flyérs, save paper by using a printer to print them on-demand. Use Recycled Materials To Reduce Waste BEN Eco-tote bag Recycled pen & pad Recycled cardboard ECO PRODUCTS this T-shirt is Eco-cups & cutlery green Eco-shirts as swag Use Green Materials When Building Displays Recycled Aluminum Extrusions: Use recyled aluminum extrusions for the frame work. It's lightweight and reconfigu- rable. Recycled aluminum extrusions provide structural integrity with significant design appeal. Healthy Way Healthy Way Green Flooring: Choose a green flooring solution like bamboo plywood. It's made from 100% rapidly renewable bamboo, using adhe- sives that are both strong and emission free. Bamboo is a great green solution for display flooring. ithy.Way Eco-friendly Stains and Finishes: Choose a flooring stain and finish that are water-based, low VOC (Volatile Organic Com- pound), and VOC Free. Low or no emitting treatments have minimal environmental impact. Eco-Glass: A "green" alternative to standard acrylic or plexi-glass is Eco-Glass. Eco-Glass can be used for shelving, substrate infill's, panel infills, direct-to-substrate printing, and much more. Unlike standard acrylic, which is made from petroleum based virgin plastics, Eco-Glass is made from 100% recycled material and is just as durable as its competitors. Green Lighting: LED lights and flourescent lighting are excellent green options for a trade show display. Not only is it good for the environment, but it also helps cut the electric bill. Recycled Fabric Graphics: Print your graphics on recycled materials. For example, you can have graphics printed on fabrics made from 100% recycled soda bottles or on recycled paper. Sources: Brought To You By Smash Hit DISPLAYS 1 Person

Trade Show Display Industry Creating Massive Waste

shared by Trade-Show-Exhibits on Aug 24
Being on the cutting edge of the trade show exhibit industry with their eco-friendly green displays, Smash Hit Displays wanted to do some research on the amount of waste that is produced in the trade ...


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