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Toxic Algae

TOXIC ALGAE STARTS UPSTRE AM STORMWATER RUNOFF AGRICULTURE WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANTS Livestock manure and excess fertilizer wash off the land and into waterways, making agriculture the single largest source of nitrogen and phosphorus pollution in the US. O00 O00 O00 HOME SEPTIC & FERTILIZER FOSSIL FUELS NITROGEN & ALGAE OUTBREAKS PHOSPHORUS POLLUTION FLOWS IN EXPLOSIVE ALGAE GROWTH & TOXIC ALGAE OUTBREAKS CAUTION: TOXI C ALGAE IMPACTS DRINK FISH SWIM SMELL EAT HAVE FUN Contaminated water can Handling exposed fish People and pets risk make people & animals ill is dangerous Emits noxious, Eating exposed fish can illness by entering People and pets should unpleasant fumes cause illness contaminated water avoid all recreation in affected waters SOLUTIONS WETLAND AQUATIC BUFFERS COVER CROPS CONSERVATION Creating and maintaining natural By planting farmland with cover crops Protecting wetlands from development buffers - using trees, shrubs and other instead of leaving the land bare between cash crops, farmers can and agriculture can maintain a healthy plants - between farmland, develop- environment for fish, wildlife & plants, ment and waterways can help filter out protect soil from erosion and absorb and make it harder for toxic algae to excess nitrogen and phosphorus excess fertilizer, helping to keep nutrients out of nearby waterways. take hold. before they reach the water. resourcemedia www.toxicalgaene

Toxic Algae

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Most algae are not harmful to humans, and green algae are essential parts of a healthy aquatic ecosystem. But toxic algae, including blue-green algae, are different. Despite the name, blue-green algae...


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