Top 5 rubber producing countries.

TOP5RUBBER PRODUCING COUNTRIES COUNTRY PRODUCTION 2010 PRODUCTION 2004 PERCENTCHANGE 1 Thailand 3,166,910 m/t 3,007,612 m/t + 5.296 % 2 Indonesia 2,921,872 m/t 2,065,820 m/t + 41.439 % 3 Malaysia 1,072,400 m/t 1,168,700 m/t - 8.24 % 4 India 819,000 m/t 749,665 m/t + 9.249 % 5 Vietnam 659,600 m/t 419,000 m/t + 57.422 % WHERE IN THE WORLD The colour key below shows where these countries are related Thailand Indonesia Malaysia India Vietnam 10 FUNRUBBER FACTS 1. The rubber tree originated in the Amazon jungle. Currently, it grows on plantations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the west coast of Africa. 2. The name "rubber" refers to the ability of the substance to rub off markings. 3. The scientific community once declared rubber useless because it was gummy in the summer, stiff in the winter, and it rapidly deteriorated. 4. A machine called the "Masticator" allows rubber to be softened, mixed, and shaped and was invented in London in 1820 by Thomas Hancock. 5. Rubber bands made their first debut, primitively, in 1823. 6. March 17, 1845 marks the day the rubber band was patented by a man named Stephen Perry, a British inventor and businessman. 7. An average rubber tree yields 19 pounds of rubber latex annually. 8. Trees are six years old before tapping for rubber begins and they may be tapped for up to 28 years. 9. Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated. Infographic by RH Nuttall, a family run business since 1860.

Top 5 rubber producing countries.

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Top 5 rubber producing countries infographic by RH Nuttall a family run manufacturing business since 1860.


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