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Top 10 Allergy Myths Busted!

THE TOP 10 Allergy Myths Whether you're a regular allergy sufferer or the occasional sneezer, there is a lot of misinformation surrounding allergies. Bob Jenson Air Conditioning has gathered some of the most common myths about allergies – and clears the air of all uncertainty. Allergies are Psychosomatic FALSE! Allergies are very real, and can be triggered not only by outside allergens, but also by stress. When you feel stressed, your body releases hormones and other chemicals, including histamine, the powerful chemical that leads to allergy symptoms. While stress doesn't actually cause allergies, it can make an allergic reaction worse by increasing the histamine in your bloodstream. DC 1) You Can Outgrow Your Allergies 2. FALSE! Not only is it impossible build up a tolerance against certain allergens as you age, but you can actually develop new allergies as an adult, too. This happens most frequently when an individual changes locations and encounters new allergens. Desert Climates Cure Allergies FALSE! Changing climates can affect your reaction to allergens in your current location, but grass and ragweed pollen are found nearly everywhere. Therefore, once you move, you may simply start reacting to different allergens. Flowers Are the Most Common Allergy Triggers FALSE! Very few people suffer allergic reactions from a bouquet of flowers. The real culprit is usually the pollen produced by trees, grasses, and weeds that get picked up by the wind. People Allergic to Pets Are 3 Allergic to Their Fur FALSE! The allergen owners suffer from is actually a protein produced in the animal's skin, urine, and saliva – not the fur. As the animal is brushed or petted, microscopic flakes of dander become airborne. Local Honey Can Reduce Allergy O Symptoms FALSE! This theory is mostly anecdotal and has not been sufficiently verified by research. In actuality, unlike allergy shots, pollen found in honey may not include the allergens that affect you. You Don't Need to Take Medication Until Your Symptoms Flare Up FALSE! DC Most allergy medications work best if you start them before they kick in. Having them in your system when you're first exposed to the allergen is the best way to avoid triggering an allergic reaction. OC If You Use One Brand of Allergy Medication, You Build Up a Tolerance and It Will Stop Working FALSE! Allergy symptoms can fluctuate from mild to severe, which gives users the impression that the medication may be having decreasing effectiveness over time. The truth is that perhaps the user's exposure to the allergen has increased. A Blood Test is the Best Way to Diagnose Allergies FALSE! Skin reaction tests are better indicators of allergen reactions. It is safe when performed by an allergist, even in infants and young children. OC Seasonal Allergies Are Not Harmful T0 FALSE! They might not seem like a big deal, but allergies can make it difficult to sleep and raise the risk of respiratory infections. Uncontrolled, they can trigger asthma, which can be life threatening. DC SOURCES: Air Conditioning and Heating DESIGNED BY: Best Rank

Top 10 Allergy Myths Busted!

shared by BobJenson on Nov 12
Like getting in the ring and getting knocked around, allergies can take us down hard. It can be a battle to get through them but it’s nice to know what’s true and what’s false about allergies. L...


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