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Ten of the greatest engineering feats

KINGSBRIDGE PROFESSIONAL SOLUTIONS THE NEW VALLEY THE BAILONG PROJECT TEN OF THE ELEVATOR GREATEST ENGINEERING Egypt Zhangjiajie, China INTERESTING FACT INTERESTING FACT Currently under construction, the New Valley Project is a This 330 metre high glass elevator is built into the side system of canals designed to FEATS of a massive cliff in the carry water from Lake Nasser in Southern Egypt to areas of the Sahara Desert. Wulingyuan area of Zhangjiajie, China and was designated as a World Heritage Site in 2002. The curiosity and vision of the world's engineers has resulted in some of the finest and most impressive accomplishments of engineering and construction skill. Here at Kingsbridge, we have a real appreciation for the fine work that engineers do so we've put our heads together and compiled a list of some of the most astounding engineering triumphs the world has to offer. THE MILLAU VIADUCT THE BURJ KHALIFA Millau, France O Dubai, United Arab Emirates INTERESTING FACT INTERESTING FACT Standing at an incredible 828 metres tall, the Burj Khalifa is both the tallest building and the tallest freestanding Generally considered one of the most impressive feats of engineering of all time, the viaduct is the tallest road bridge in the world. Measuring in at 886 feet, it's structure in the world. taller than the Eiffel Tower. THE GRAND CANYON SKYWALK THE ITAIPU DAM Arizona, United States Brazil & Paraguay BUILD TIME & COST COMPARISON INTERESTING FACT INTERESTING FACT The pie charts below compare build time and build cost for Completed in 2007, the Grand Canyon Skywalk can support 71 million pounds - that's the equivalent of 71 Boeing 747s at full capacity! Itaipu Dam is the world's largest operating hydroelectric facility and it each of the ten engineering projects. took 40,000 workers 10 years to build it! TIME TO BUILD COST The New Valley Project 23 years and $90 billion The Millau Viaduct 3 years and $524 million THE TRANS-SIBERIAN RAIL ROAD THE PANAMA CANAL The Grand Canyon Skywalk 2 years and $30 million Panama, Central America Eastern Russia, China, The Panama Canal Mongolia & Japan INTERESTING FACT 34 years and $375 million INTERESTING FACT Connecting the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, the Panama The Palm Islands The railway runs through 8 time zones and connects an Canal took 34 years to construct until its opening in 14 years and $12.3 billion incredible 87 towns and The Channel Tunnel 1914. cities! 6 years and $15 billion The Trans-Siberian Rail Road 10 years and $770 million The Itaipu Dam 10 years and $19.6 billion The The Burj Khalifa 5 years and $1.5 billion The Bailong Elevator 3 years and $19 million THE CHANNEL THE PALM ISLANDS TUNNEL O Dubai. United Arab Connecting Folkestone, UK with Calais, France Emirates SOURCES INTERESTING FACT INTERESTING FACT First proposed in 1802, but started in 1988, The Channel Tunnel is the world's longest The Palm Islands sit just off the coast of Dubai and form the stretch of underwater largest man-made archipelago in the tunnel, and cost £9.5 billion world! to complete.

Ten of the greatest engineering feats

shared by robwattsph on Jun 14
This one’s for all the engineers out there. Sometimes we tend to take the amazing things around us for granted. We often forget that people are capable of momentous achievements, whether individuall...


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