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Sustainable Design Process

Sustainable Design Sustainable design refers to the design process that integrates an environmentally friendly approach Presented by: and considers natural resources as Sustainable Packing Design part of the design. Sustainable packaging refers to the packing process that aims to reduce the environmental impact of package waste and improve sustainability. While introducing its packaging scorecard in 2006, Wal-Mart defines sustainable packing based on the four "Rs"; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink. "Sustainable design is the practice of designing buildings so that they exist in harmony with natural systems." Sharlyn Underwood, American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Principles Evaluate the life-cycle 01 Evaluation helps designers to understand more about the environmental impact of the package design and if it meets with sustainable packaging targets. |Investigating alternatives 02 Many factors in packaging design should be evaluated in order to achieve sustainability such as the materials, weight of the package and volume. Form Function & Cost-Effective Design sustainable products Usability Solutions 03 Part of the sustainability plan is to design a product that ensures sustainable packaging. Consider the space-saving packages 04 Flat packing is one of the successful packaging systems that reduce the space required to store or transport the product. Renewable Materials & Durable Sustainable Package Design checklist Energy Recycling Solutions Is the package safe and healthy for consumers? Is the package reusable and beneficial? Ares the materials used in the package recyclable? Sustainable Graphic Design Does the package depend on renewable source materials? Does the packaging process follow sustainable principles? Are the technologies used in production meeting with sustainability? Is the package designed to for minimal use of material, energy and In Green Graphic Design, author Brian Dougherty argues that graphic designers need to think of the process starting from the end rather than the beginning. Designers should start to think about the delivery, production, and then the ideation steps. space? Sustainable Graphic Design |Paper 01 Wise usage of paper should be considered. Recycled paper can be used to reduce the consumption of forest resources. Checklist Printing Ink 02 Are you trying to reduce the resources that contribute to pollution? Are you using recyclable paper and ink materials? Do you reduce the fill colors used in design bleed? Do you use VOC-free inks? Ink includes volatile organic compounds (VOCS) that mix with vehicle exhaust to form photochemical smog. Inks can contain toxic heavy metals such as barium, cadmium, and lead. Digital Design 03 Designing applications for web and devices should consider lowering the use of electricity sources and CPU processing. Do you use Chlorine-free paper? Did you provide eco-friendly alternatives for your client? Offices and Workspaces 04 Świtching to green power and reducing the electricity usage can contribute tos building a sustainable workspace. (O Designorate All copyrights are reserved to Information in this inforgraphic is collected from the following articles: Principles of Sustainable Design: Building A Sustainable Packaging Design Process: Achieving a Sustainable Graphic Design Process:

Sustainable Design Process

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This inforgraphic briefly describe the sustainable design process in both packaging and graphic design industries.




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