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The Sun and the Green Jobs Revolution

HVACR THE SUN AND THE GREEN JOBS REVOLUTION The green jobs revolution is not new, but it is beginning to hit its stride across the US. Businesses are going green; new building designs and recycled materials are changing how energy is used and reused and the way HVACR technicians do their job is evolving every day. Green thinking "gives something back" in terms of energy and natural resources. This is the century for clean air and water, wind power, and natural heating and cooling technology. HVACR technicians are an essential ingredient in the green revolution. HVACR Responsibilities in the Green Revolution Recycling existing HVAC systems is a challenge, but it's not impossible when green technology advances to the next level. Green HVACR technicians and engineers must be able to assess existing systems and have the knowledge to retrofit or re-engineer some existing systems so they conform to new energy standards. Sustainable energy technology that increases heating and air efficiency is considered a priority for twenty-first century growth so trained green HVACR technicians are in demand around the world. The ability to identify, isolate, and incorporate natural resources to fulfill clean energy needs is an asset that will continue to grow as the world becomes greener. Developing new green concepts that reduce fossil fuel use through laboratory and field experiments is a crucial element in the green job revolution. If of American households 5% go solar, it means that, as a nation, we are: In 2007, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that the number of households in America was 111,162,259. Rounding up we get 112 million, so 5% is 5.6 million households. That's a large number of homes and it yields an impressive win for our environment. CO2 Taking Reliring 7,700,000 6,900,000 trees from their Removing Offsetting all automobiles cars off the "C02 offsetting" road! 89,600,000 sold in the US. jobs. Ibs. of CO2. in 2007.1 New Investment In Renewable Energy by Technology 2012 Developed & Developing Countries Investments in Billion USD Developed Countries Developing Countries Solar Power 88.7 51.7 Wind 35.0 45.3 Biomass & Waste-to-Energy 3.9/4.7 Renewable energy deployment and energy efficiency improvements have slowed growth in fossil fuel consumption substantially, and they have the potential to play a crucial role in reducing future global green- house gas emissions. Efficiency will be the more important factor in the near term, whereas renewables will become increasingly important over time. The greatest potential could Hydro < 50MW 0.3/7.5 Biofuels S 3.8/1.2 Geothermal Power 0.6/1.4 be achieved with the coordination Ocean Energy 0.3/0.01 of renewable energy and energy efficiency policies. RSI The Reftigeration School Sources : documents/Resources/GSR/2013/GSR2013_lowres.pdf Accredited School, ACCSC. Licensed by the Arizona State Board for Private Post Secondary Education. GI Bill Eligible (check with local campus for specific eligibility). For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who complete our programs, and other important information, please visit our website at: STEG-03-396

The Sun and the Green Jobs Revolution

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With pollution, energy conservation, and the rising cost of oil and natural gas, alternative energy solutions are becoming a major focus for businesses and innovators. With the green market expanding,...


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