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The Spotters Guide: A-Z of Native British Trees

THE SPOTTER'S GUIDE: A-Z8 OF NATIVE BRITISH TREES Name: Alder O Height: up to 20m kaf shape catkins pollination by Alnus gutinosa Name: Ash O Height: up to 55 m lkaf shape flovers polination by ASH TREES CAN LiVE UP TO 100 YEARS! Fraxinus excelsior Aspen o Name: Height: up to 25m kaf shape Catkins polina tion by Populus tremuka Name: Beech o Height: can reach leaf shape over 40m ca tkins polina tion by ntech nuts Fagus syvatica USNG COPPICING, A BEECH CAN LVE FOR OVER 000 YEARS! Name: Bird Chery O Height: up to 25m flowers leaf shape polinaton fruit Prunus padus Name: Black Poplar Height: up to 30m leaf shape catkins THE BLACK POPLAR S THE MOST ENDANGERED NATVE TIMBER TREE IN BRITAN polina tion ty Populus nigra B-D Name: Blackthom O Height: up to am leaf shape lowers polunation by PA ACKTHORN WOOD IS USED TO MAKE IRISH SHILLOLAGHS Prurus spinosa fruit (sloes Name: Crab APple O Height: up to 10m flowers kaf shape polinaton crab Malus syvestris appies Name: Dogwood Height: up to 0m leaf shape fruit fhuers IN THE SUN, DOGWOOD TWIGS Corrus sanguinea APREAR CRMSON, WHILE THOSE N polknation ba THE SHADE ARE UME GREEN! D-E Name: Downy Birch O Height: leaf shape to 5om up pelna tion catkins Betula pubescens Name: Elder o Height: up to 0m lkaf shape fowers pollanation by Sambucus nigra elderberries Name: English Elm O Height: up to 30m kaf shape Samaras flowers MANY ENGALISH TOWNS USED ELM WOOD PPES PRIOR TO METAL ONES BEING AVALABLE ↑ polina tion by umus procera E-G Name: english oak O Height: up to 40m leaf shape LLOrns catkins ACORNS ARE NOT PRODUCED UNTL. THE TREE IS AT LEAST 10 YEARS OLD pollination by ) Quercus robur Name: Field Maple O Height: up to 20m kaf shape flowers poltination by MAPLE SAP IS USED TO MAKE MAPLE SYRUP Acer campestre. **.. Grey willow o Name: Height: up to 10m leaf shape catkins THS AND OTHER BROADER LEAFED WLLOW SPECIES ARE OFTEN CALLED SALLOWS Ppornation ny Salix cinerea Name: Hawthorn O Height: up to 15m eaf shape flowers pollination by ALSO KNOWN AS A 'MAY TREE NAMED AFTER THE MONTH IN WHICH THE TREE FLOWERS fruit Crataegus monogyra Name: Hazel o Height: up to 12m kaf Shape pollination by flowers N SPRING, HAZEL IS SO FLEXBLE IT CAN BE TIED N A KNOT WITHOUT BREAKING Corylus avellana hazehuts polina tion by Holly o Name: Height: up to 15m leaf shape flowers THE SPKY LEAVES ARE TO USED TO GUARD THE BERRIES FROM BIRDS IN WNTER lex aguifokum fruit H-L Name: Hormbeam O Height: up to 30m leaf shape catkins polination by OFTEN MISTAKEN FOR THE COMMON BEECH Samaras Carpirus betulus Name: Juniper O Height: up to 10m polkitation kaves and flowers juniper berries JUMPER BERRIES ARE USED TO FLAVOUR Juniperus comrmunis GIN Name: Common Lime O Height: up to 50m pollination by kaf shape USUALLY PLANTED IN URBAN AND RESDENTIAL AREAS Tilia x europaea flowers 0-S Name: Osier O Height: up to Fm leaf shape polina tion by catkins Salix virninais Name: RowanO Height: up to 15m fkwers Icaf shape polina tion by Sorbus aucupana fruit Name: Scots Pine o pollirnation bay) to 35m Height: teaf shape up flowers corLes Pinus syvestris L S-W Name: Silver Birch o Height: up to 30m leaf shape polkination by catkins Betula pendula Name: Spindle Height: up to m flowers leaf shape polination by Euonymus europaeus fruit Name: White Willow O Height: up to 25m leaf shape catkins Salix alba polination y W-Y Name: Whitebeam O Height: up to 15m leaf polina tion by fowers kape WHTEBEAM BERRIES ARE ONLY EDIBLE WHEN ALMOST ROTTEN fruit Sorbus aria Name: Wild Cherry O Height: up to 30m > eaf shape flowers polination by Prunus avium cherries Name: Yew O Height: up to 20m leaf shape polination flowers TEN YEWS IN THE UK ARE BEL JEVED TO PREDATE THE oTH CENTURY! Taxus baccata fruit SOURCES: UKOAKDOORS bringing home natural beauty

The Spotters Guide: A-Z of Native British Trees

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Trees looking beautiful this time of year, don't they? We have collected some facts and figures about trees that can be found in the UK and we've created the ultimate A-Z tree spotting guide.


UK Oak Doors


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