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Smart Grid: Where Power is Going

The SMART GRID is the euolution of our current electrical grid, using new technology to optimize the conseruation and delivery of power. All told, the smart grid promises to increase the efficiency of today's system by around 9%' by SMARTGRID THE CAN INCREASE THE U.S. GRID'S EFFICIENCY BY 9%. 2030, sauing more than 400 bilio klouatt hours" eachyear. sO WHAT DOES THAT AMOUNT TO? That's huge. 7.6 million round-trip flights The Sa billion in annual smart grid energy savings could buy you several lifetimes worth of atr trarel from JFK alrport to Charles de Gaulle atrport in Parts. Those arer't economy-class seats, etther." 70 million roadtrips around the world With the smart grid's yearly energy savtings you could drtve an electric car 17 trillion mile, which would take you around the world several million times and would 423 billion kilowatt-hours per year ikely vald the warranty. $585 The energy szved by the smart grid is enough to power Las Vegas. 20y times over. per household A recent study estimated that modermtzing today's grd could mean nearly S6oo in direct bill sarings for the average household each year. 199 million years of refrigerator use 378 million cool, comfy homes The total energy saved by the smart grid in just 12 months could run your fridge through several lce Ages The yearly energy the smart grid saves could atr-condition 78,000,000 homes Or about z milli on of those 1O1,000-square-foot nelghborhood superstores? $42 billion in year 1 $102 billion SMART GRID $48 billion $65 billion WHERE POWER IS GOING. IN YEAR 5 The energy sared by the smart grid is worth a lot. And as we keep Saring energy Its value cach year only increases IN YEAR 15 IN YEAR 30 lirought to you by he Smart Grid Conm Collaborative Lam more about the amart grids uvings, mdiahility and minionu reducione SmartGridCCorg 1The Sum Gelit A onf he ynd Co Padk Nnt l Lab y my mhaeggguld gdhnling tmabndan l y dm uSgdndaad Dui in Raamd by e S A Ltnilndiginuding nd he-apoti l Pal iwing nd Madmtde p4 deariy humha ippprap epra IIII

Smart Grid: Where Power is Going

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The Smart Grid can increase the U.S. grid's efficiency by 9%. So what does that mean for the rest of us?


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