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Simple Steps to make your Home More Energy Efficient

SIMPLE STEPS TO MAKE YOUR HOME MORE ENERGY AND COST EFFICIENT EFFICIENT LIGHTING ENERGY INSULATION A compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) EFFICIENCY AUDIT Up to 35% of heating is lost through the will last up to twelve times longer than a regular bulb and will also save you one An energy efficiency audit will help you to evaluate where you can make energy efficiency improvements in your home and can even help you to prioritise which measures should be walls of your home and 25% through the roof. You can therefore save a third of the costs. significant amount on your energy bills by ensuring that your home is properly UPGRADING insulated to reduce these losses. YOUR WINDOWS looked at first and which do not need It's been estimated that replacing your immediate attention. REPAIR DRIPPING TAPS your single glazed windows with energy-saving double glazing could A significant tap leak can waste anything from 135 to 450 litres (30 - 100 ENSURING YOUR save you over £8,000 in a typical BOILER IS EFFICIENT gallons) of water per day, this can end detached house. If you're looking to replace your boiler or up costing you up to £134 every year. To water heater, it's a good idea to opt for a high efficiency model. A newer model prevent these excess costs it is PLANTING SHADE TREES important to replace or repair any dripping faucets in your home as soon AROUND YOUR HOUSE would most likely save you around 30% on your heating bills, which will add up significantly over the years. During the winter, planting shade trees as you notice them. around your home can help to shield it from the chill of the wind, therefore reducing the need for excess heating and saving you money on energy. If you also use air conditioning within your home during the summer, these trees will block your home from the sun's rays, keeping it cool and reducing the need for air conditioning. BEING EFFICIENT WITH WASHING LAUNDRY IMPROVE EFFICIENCY OF AND DISHES YOUR HOT WATER SYSTEM INSTALL A Filling dishwashers and washing machines with water requires a Insulating your hot water pipes will slow PROGRAMMABLE down the loss of heat from the water THERMOSTAT significant amount of energy, which is wasted if the machines aren't full. inside, meaning you won't have to wait so long for hot water after a period of By adjusting the settings of your thermostat, you can maximise the efficiency of your home's heating so that it's only in use at the times when you really need it. Switching your thermostat to a programmable version Using a high spin cycle for your washing to avoid the need to tumble dry as much as possible will also help non-use. This will also save you energy on re-heating the water. you save energy. LOW FLUSH OR DUAL FLUSH TOILETS WASH LAUNDRY can save you up to £120 every year. A low flush toilet is another item which IN COLD WATER may cost you more up front, but in the long run you will see benefits in the cost of your water bills. REGULARLY CHANGING Almost 90% of the energy consumed hen using your washing machine goes towards heating the water. Using cold water and a shorter cycle for any clothes which do not need particular attention will reduce your energy consumption FILTERS ON AIR-CONDITIONING AND HEATING UNITS TURN OFF APPLIANCES WHEN NOT IN USE It's estimated that by turning all of your If you regularly use an air-conditioning or a heating unit within your home, wed appliances off standby mode when they're not in use, you can save approximately £30 a year. and save you money. recommend that you seek to change the filter at least once every three months, but if possible, change it as ENERGY EFFICIENT APPLIANCES soon as you notice any dirt beginning to build up. SWITCHING ENERGY SUPPLIER The standards for energy efficiency in our appliances are constantly One of the best ways to save money on improving so it's now easier than ever to find and purchase a machine which will help save you energy and money, just look for the Energy Star approval on your new appliances. your energy bills is to make sure you've done your research and shopped around for the best prices available. Switching energy suppliers can save you a huge amount on your energy bills every year, so make sure you're taking full advantage of the great deals out there. ALL SAVINGS VALUED JANUARY 2016 GB SOURCES + REFERENCES energy supply

Simple Steps to make your Home More Energy Efficient

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