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The Shocking Statistics Behind World CO2 Emissions

THE SHOCKING STATISTICS BEHIND WORLD CO2 EMISSIONS Global CO2 Emissions for 2009 Worst: China 6,200 million tonnes C02 Second: U.S.A. 5,800 million tonnes C02 U.K. 480 million tonnes C02 Best: Niue 3,700 tonnes C02 Over the last 28 years NASA space launches produced 0.0003% OF THE CO2 EMISSIONS GENERATED BY. the U.S. Automobile Industry Co2 Emissions for a 1000km flight First Class 770kg co2/ passenger Business Class 510kg co2/ passenger One of the most popular air routes in the world, with Economy Class 220kg co2/ passenger 1,697,593 passengers annually, is... Japprox 3961km MOST EFFICIENT SEAT QATAR 1525.4kg co2/seat LA-NY ARNAYS Lil IEconomy Clasal to LEAST EFFICIENT SEAT UI 6942.2kg co2/seat and back again unmeD AIRLInes BAA Heathrow Z operates 480,000 flights peryear and serves 70m passengers in total the airport generates 13.9 million tonnes of C02 per year, the same as... 57.2 million Americans consuming the nation's average intake of burgers for a year (50 per year, courtesy Fast Food Nation) ICELANDIC VOLCANO co trom growing cattle feed. transporting produce. packayng, couking ete Peak C02 emitted per day by the Icelandic volcano = 150,000 tonnes AIR FR ANCE Average C02 emitted per day by the EUROPEAN AVIATION INDUSTRY CLAIM TO THE FIRST 344,109 tonnes GREEN FLIGHT With 60% of flights cancelled THE SAVING PER DAY WAS (APRIL 2010) 206,465 tonnes the optimized, transatlantic flight cut C02 emissions by 7.5 metric tonnes if the whole Air France fleet was the same it would save 135,000 metric tonnes of CO2 per year, which is the equivalent of an average EUROPEAN TRAIN CIRCLING THE EARTH 76 TIMES! Westminster & World Automobile CO2 Emissions USA. 268.5g co2/km The Bank of England European Average 140.3g co2/km consume enough energy to pump out Japan 130.8g co2/ km 21,356 tonnes of CO2 per year. U.K. Automobile CO2 Emissions Passenger Cars 77.1 million tonnes CO2 This is equivalent to the amount of CO2 expelled from a car that has travelled Total Road Users 120.9 millian tonnes CO2 90 million miles, which is the same distance as driving to the moon and back 188 times THE WORLD'S 1.5 BILLION GREENHOUSE GAS 18% cattle produce of the THAT CAUSES GLOBAL WARMING We will drink an average of 15,000 MILK pints of milk in our life. The carbon footprint for producing this amount is 1 million metric tonnes of CO2 this is the equivalent of running all of your kitchen appliances continuously for 12,500 years If everyone in the United States ate a vegetarian diet for seven days, they would save around 700 megatons of greenhouse gas emissions. That would be just the same as removing all of the cars in the USA off the roads (and those cows would probably be happier tool

The Shocking Statistics Behind World CO2 Emissions

shared by IGEmp on Dec 25
This infographic provides information for how much CO2 we emit globally every year through modes of transportation and the foods we eat. It also lists the worlds worst and best countries for amount of...



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