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The Shocking Impact of Wasting Food

THE SHOCKING IMPACT OF WASTING FOOD On World Food Day 3.5 million tonnes of food will go to waste, while 870 million people go hungry. Don't let the bad taste linger in your mouth - make a commitment today to waste less food. The equivalent population of people that go hungry every day (in red). Home Almost 50% of all food waste in the UK comes from our home. Reducing waste doesn't have to be difficult, and you'll notice the different in your pocket as well as the bin. Have food you know you won't use? Find your nearest food bank, reduce waste and help someone in need by visiting Top Food & Drink Wasted in 2013 24m Slices of 5.8m Fresh Potatoes 5.9 m Bread Glasses of Milk 1st 2nd 3rd Tip Tip Tip Cut off sprouts and Freeze bread while Milk can be frozen for peel green skin for safe eating. it's still fresh for later use. toasting later. Unavoidable Waste Fact Unavoidable waste includes: UK households waste 7 million tonnes of food every year - less than 4 is unavoidable waste. Banana Peel Egg Shells Tip Unavoidable waste still has its uses - chicken bones can be used to make chicken stock, while banana peels and egg shells can be composted. 23% of waste is unavoidable Chicken Bones Leftovers Fact Tip Wasted food & Don't be afraid drink costs the average UK family almost £60 a month - enough for two family trips to the to update classic recipes by experimenting with leftover ingredients. cinema. Tip Plan your meals in advance and refrigerate or freeze leftovers for Fact Single person households in the UK throw away £290 worth of food every year - enough to buy nearly 150kg worth of granny smith apples or about 22 large whole later to minimise waste. rainbow trout. Supermarkets The Courtauld Commitment: a voluntary agreement launched in 2005 which aims to reduce waste within the UK grocery sector. If you're passionate about reducing waste, why not write to your favourite brands and ask what they're doing to help? Fact Tip When you waste food, you also waste Tesco alone the fuel used to threw away 300,000 tonnes of food in the transport it to your plate. Buy locally if possible, and make extra sure any imported food isn't wasted. first six months of 2013. 300,000 tonnes of wasted food Fact Tip According to the UK Soil Association, Some supermarket sell 'ugly' fruit and veg at a discounted rate. They taste 20-40% of fruit and Rejected fruit vegetables are rejected before they even reach shops because they are misshapen or just as good, and buying them sends a message to supermarkets that they don't need to waste perfectly good produce. Edible fruit discoloured. O Eating Out Every year restaurants in the UK waste 150,000 tonnes of edible food - the equivalent of 286 million meals. While the industry needs to take a lead in tackling this huge problem, you can still do your part. Fact Fact Fact The EU is 411 tonnes of edible thinking of abolishing 'best before' dates for some 286 million meals are food are wasted wasted annually by UK every day by UK restaurants. foods including rice, pasta and coffee, because they restaurants. cause unnecessary waste. Tip Tip Tip Take any Ask what comes If you're given a leftovers home and with your meal so you can tell your server if there's anything you comment card let store safely for a snack or meal the next day. the restaurant know that food waste is a big concern won't eat. to you. School Lunches School lunches are essential for making sure your little ones (and not so little ones) can concentrate throughout the afternoon - but food waste costs schools and colleges £250m a year. Fact Primary School Pupils Secondary School Pupils Schools in England throw out 123,000 tonnes of food a year. Tip 42g Make sure children 72g understand the importance of not wasting food, and let them know it's ok to ask for smaller portions. Waste per day Sources ESL/ Ecocleen Services Cenumenty

The Shocking Impact of Wasting Food

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On World Food Day 3.5 million tonnes of food will be wasted while 850 million people go hungry. Every one of us can do our part to reduce food waste every day, and this infographic will help you get started.




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