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Shale gas strategy

SHALE GAS STRATEGY Horizontal wells to extract shale gas Unike natural gas, shale gas lo removed in an unoonventional and expensive way To put tin simple terms, the conventional way of exdractirg ratural gas is ke putting a straw through a soft drirk id. The gas is straght down. Extraction of shele gas inclves drilirg to thousends of meters below the surtace then tunring the cril horizontaly and agen stil drling many more thoueands of meters. THE UNITED STATES' SHALE GAS OUTPUT (2011) 170 billion cu m (Making up more than 23% of its total natural gas output) Natural gas Extraction CHINA'S SHALE GAS OUTPUT (2011) Amost nothing (Annual natural gas output stands at Boreioe tarought the cracks 103.1 bilon cu m) COST PER METER OF HORIZONTAL SHALE GAS WELL IN CHINA $20,000 to $30,000 Injection of water, sand and chemicak ag Bped to fractifre e Gas flows up fiom the fracturedrock with the fluid ands goes to the surfa China's onshore shale gas reservoir Crack 134.42 trillion cu m boundary China's arnual shale gas output by 2015 6.5 billion cu m CHINA'S NATURAL GAS CONSUMPTION Unit: bilon cu m e- estimate 2. Overseas natural 778 100 129 300 gas import makes up only . 39 49 450 bilion ou m Annual growth of total gas consumption 20% of the consumption 2004 2006 2008 2010 2011 2030e 2050e Sourte Natonal Braud Satetios, China Eooromio Heralt, Pecple's Doly GULLEFMOMNRO/CHNA DMLY

Shale gas strategy

shared by memuco on Aug 07
Small graphic on Shale gas and how they get it. I used a wooden drawer some textures and made it happen


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