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Seeking Refuge a Glance at Refugees Worldwide

Wars, famine, and natural disasters are just a few of the reasons people are forced to leave their homes and flee their countries. Around the world, millions of refugees are waiting, sometimes for a lifetime, to return home. Here is a look at who they are: SEEKING REFUGE A GLANCE AT REFUGEES WORLDWIDE EAST AFRICA AND TANZANIA HORN OF AFRICA 21% 738 ETHIOPIA 103 YEMEN 30% 38% ZAMBIA 170 34% CHAD CENTRAL ASIA, WEST ASIA, 115 REFUGEES BY COUNTRY OF ORIGIN TOTAL NUMBER OF REFUGEES IN THE WORLD REFUGEES PER 1 USD OF GDP NORTH ASIA, MIDDLE EAST 35% CHINA IRAN 280 CONGO 400,000 IRAQ 1.5 million 124 EUROPE 20% KENYA 182 UGANDA AFGHANISTAN 2.1 million 149 PAKISTAN 421 GERMANY SUDAN 686,000 2,316 SOMALIA 460,000 NETHERLANDS 3,617 CENTRAL AFRICA MALTA 4,539 AND THE GREAT LAKES REFUGEES PER 1,000 SQUARE KILOMETER 15% 17% USA 900,000 IRAN 1 million SWITZERLAND 1,208 RWANDA 1,675 PAKISTAN 1.2 million BURUNDI ASIA AND THE PACIFIC 1,213 SYRIA 700,000 17% 10% DENMARK GERMANY 600,000 1,311 SERBIA 2,289 9.9 MILLION UGANDA 10 REFUGEES BY COUNTRY OF ASYLUM JORDAN 85 ZAMBIA 10 14% ARMENIA 38 WEST AFRICA REFUGEES PER TANZANIA 1,000 INHABITANTS 13 4% SYRIA 37 3% IRAN 14 SOUTHERN AFRICA PERSONS OF CONCERN BY LOCATION 1% DJIBOUTI 19 CHAD 29 URBAN AMERICAS CONGO 15 SOURCES Committee for Refugees and Immigrants; REFUGEE Recognizedas having refugee status PERSON OF CONCERN Made up of asylum seekers, The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees under international conventions people displaced within their own country, refugees, and recently returnedrefugees

Seeking Refuge a Glance at Refugees Worldwide

shared by judithgold on Dec 25
This infographic provides information about refugees worldwide, refugees are people who have fled their home country because of war, famine, or natural disasters and are living in other countries wait...




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