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Sea Shepherd - Whaling Countries

SEA SHEPHERD Whaling Countries ONSERVATIO There is anecdotal and ad hoc information to suggest that commercial (and/ or scientific) whaling operations in the three countries would not be economi- The case of Japan cally viable industries were it not for significant government subsidies, both Who eats whale meat? Subsidies to esearch Whaling direct and indirect that artificially reduce the cost of the capture, processing and marketing of whale products. Membership fees 14 Supplementary Budget 12 Norway 10 Commission fee Whaling in Norway started at least a thousand years ago. In the middle of the 19th century new techinques revolutionized whaling. Recently, the Norwegian whaling industry has met increasing difficulties because of falling demand and weak National Subsidy [Research Whaling) A 2006 research by the Nippon Research Cen- ter, discovered that 95% of Japanese have never eaten, or very rarely eat, recruitment. Iceland Whaling in Iceland began in the 12th century with spear-drift whaling. Modern commercial whaling started by the end of the 19th century. Today, lce- land practices commercial whaling under objec- tion to an ongoing moratorium from 1986 by the International Whaling Commission. whale meat. 2O08/09 Sales of by-products minus costs of Nisshin Maru Sales of by-products minus all costs Japan 10 10 Whaling in Japan may have begun in 12th century. During the 20th century, Japan was heavily invol- ved in commercial whaling until the International Whaling Commission moratorium of 1986. Japan continues to hunt whales using the scientific re- search permit. -5 Aboriginal Subsistence Whaling -10 -10 There are other populations that hunt whales ac- -15 -15 cordingly to IWC's special permit of subsistence hunting. The Aboriginal Subsistence catch limits currently in force are for the natives of Alaska, of Chukotka and Washington State, the Green- -20 -25 landers and the natives of Saint Vincent and The Grenadines. Planned sales Planned sales Actual sales minus all costs minus whaling costs minus all costs Whale-watching tourism in Norway: The case of Norway Whale-watching tourism in Japan: Whale-watching tourism in Iceland: Where are whales going? Rafisklaget landings and prices 1000 tourists $1 million US dollars 1000 tourists $1 million US dollars 1000 tourists $1 million US dollars B00 600 $$$$ S$$$$$$$ $ $ $$$$$$$$$$ money spent $$ $$$ $$$$$$$$$$ money spent by tourists in 2008: $12,04mil 500 400 Ssssss money spent by tourists in 2008: $6,47mil 300 by tourists in 2008: $32,98mil Before the ban of com- mercial whaling of 1986 by the IWC and the cor- responding bans on in- ternational commercial 200 100 trade in whale products (by CITES), Norway killed about 2,000 minke wha- Whale meat landings Prices les each year, and expor- Problems selling all whale meat produced are widely recognised and sug- gest that there is little scope for expanding harvests in a commercially via- ble fashion unless new export markets can be secured or new products can be developed. As in Japan, whaling receives significant subsidies, and demand pears to be weak. Whale related tourism, on the other hand, is a potentially major growth industry. A return to full commercial whaling would be very unli- kely to produce benefits for the Norwegian economy and tax-payers. 1991: 4563 tourists 1991: 2008: 2008: 1991: 2008: ted more than half of the 10992 tourists 102785 tourists 22380 tourists 100 tourists 30330 tourists products from these kills to Japan. HTTP://www.WDCS.ORG/SUBMISSIONS _ BIN/WWGLOBALVALUE1995.POF HTTP:// _ BIN/CMB-p381-399.POF HTTP:// ASSETS.PANDA. ORG/DOWNLOADS/ECON_ WHALING EFTEC_ FINAL.POF HTTP://www.wocs.ORG/SUBMISSIONS BIN/JAPAN WHALING. PDF TOMMASO ZENNARO - 2011 HTTP://www.ICRWHALE.ORG/04-B-JEN.PDF

Sea Shepherd - Whaling Countries

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