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Saving Water: How Scarcity & Misuse is Threatening Our Planet

SAVE WATER HOW SCARCITY & MISUSE IS THREATENING OUR PLANET Water is an essential resource to sustain life, but current studies indicate that 1.1 billion people lack access to water, with 2.7 billion experiencing water scarcity at least one month a year. Global governments place a high priority to deliver adequate quality water supplies, but water stocks safe for drinking are depleting and serious measures for conservation must be introduced now. THE PROBLEM Limited Resource Inc rease in Demand Existing Scarcity Contrary to popular Global estimates show Almost one fifth of the world's population (about 1.2 billion people) live in opinion, water is not that water usage has increased six times in a limitless resource, the past 100 years and will double again particularly the fresh areas where the water is potable water most physically scarce. necessary to human by 2050. survival. 70% of Earth's surface is covered by water But 70% of our fresh water stock is locked away in glaciers 97% of this is ocean water, not suitable for consumption Only 3% of the World's water is drinkable fresh water THE CAUSES Population Growth Unsustainab le Agriculture Water Pollution In the last 50 years, the Agriculture uses 70% of the world's Agriculture also generates human population has more accessible fresh water, but some considerable fresh water than doubled. This rapid 60% of this is wasted due to leaky pollution - both through growth with its accompanying irrigation systems, inefficient fertilizers as well as application methods as well as the cultivation of crops that are too economic development and pesticides, both of which industrialization has affect humans and other transformed water thirsty for the environment in which species. Even groundwater is not safe from pollution, as ecosystems and resulted in a they are grown. massive loss of biodiversity. many pollutants can leach into underground aquifers. BY 2050 7 BIL > 9 BIL +20% WORLD POPULATION WILL INCREASE GLOBAL AGRICULTURAL WATER CONSUMPTION THE SOLUTION Individuals and businesses through Governmental intervention can help conserve water. Implementing the se simple processes into their everyday life will go a long way into preserving our most precious commodity. INDUSTRIAL Capped Usage Replace Aging Pipelines Water Management Plans CAP Operations ZKitchen Bathrooms Limits on water usage ensure It is estimated that increased availability. worldwide over 6 billion Implemented by businesses and monitored by water Businesses that exceed their gallons of water is being lost every day through leaks in aging pipeline infrastructure. quota could be taxed heavier, authorities, ensuring staff funding other water are fully aware of all conservation activities. aspects related to water conservation at work. DOMESTIC Flush Smart Turn off Taps Use a Water Butt One third of all water used in Turn off taps when the water is not A water butt can be used to the home is flushed down the needed - a running tap wastes over 6 litres per minute. If the collect rainwater off the roof toilet. Place in your toilet of your house, which in turn cistern a water saving device entire adult population of England can be used to water the or 'hippo'. This will reduce the & Wales did this, it would save garden. A single water butt 180 mega litres a day - enough to supply nearly 500,000 homes. amount of water that is used can collect and save around every time a flush is made. 5,000 litres of water a year. By implementing water-saving features you can reduce your in-home water use by around 35%. This means the average household, which uses 130,000 gallons per year, could save 44,000 gallons of water per year. For more water saving tips, see: THE BENEFITS Conserving water and increasing global availability will have an enormously positive effect on the planet, helping to: Save Lives Save Energy Save Money Inadequate sanitation is a Fresh water is the primary Businesses and individuals problem for 2.4 billion people, driver to creating hydroelectric will see a reduction in water exposing them to diseases, such as cholera and typhoid fever, energy. This clean and bill expenditure. Conserving renewable energy source can water will reduce Government and other water-borne illnesses. be utilised on a greater scale spending, easing pressure in if freshwater is preserved in A greater supply of fresh water would considerably improve the providing health services and rivers and lakes. emergency water supplies. quality of life, dramatically reducing death rates. Information Provided By: Produced By: World Health 0rganization - Dales Water Services Ltd WWF - Water for Humans - Borehole Drilling & Private Water Reasons for Water Shortage - Supply Eng ineers Think Quest - Eartheasy - Special Thanks To: UNESCO WATER USE IT WISELY. World Health Organization Copyright © 2013 Dales Water Services Ltd All figures and statements deemed correct at time of publishing and subject to change.

Saving Water: How Scarcity & Misuse is Threatening Our Planet

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Water is an essential resource to sustain life, but current studies indicate that 1.1 billion people lack access to water, with 2.7 billion experiencing water scarcity at least one month a year. Globa...


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