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Saving Water and Energy with Home Appliances

WATER WITH HOME APPLIANCES WATER USE AT HOME 260 250 200 AVERAGE NUMBER OF GALLONS OF WATER USED 150 PER DAY IN A TYPICAL 100 HOUSEHOLD 50 41 AVERAGE NUMBER OF GALLONS USED PER LOAD BY A TYPICAL WASHING MACHINE 2nd LARGEST WATER USE IN THE HOME 35% Efficient models use 35-50% less water 50% If every washing machine in the U.S. was Energy Star-approved, it would save 20 billion gallons of water per year 14 average number of gallons a dishwasher uses per load • A new Energy Star dishwasher saves an average of 1,300 gallons over its life • Old dishwashers cost you at least an extra $40 per year ENERCY USE AT HOME KWH 14.78 price in cents per kilowatt hour in California 567 270 average kilowatt hours used per household per average kilowatt hours used per year by an Energy Star washing machine month in California About $85 per year Replacing an old model with an Energy Star model can save you $110 per year If 20% of homes used energy-efficient washers, it could save 285 billion BTUS per day That's enough energy for over one million homes If every washing machine in the U.S. was an Energy Star model, annual savings would be: 540 million kilowatt hours of electricity 1.4 trillion BTUS of natural gas $250 million 60 million number of refrigerators in use that are over 10 years old These cost consumers $4.4 billion a year in energy bills New refrigerators use 75% less energy than ones made in the late 1970s Energy Star models have an additional 15% Side-by-side models use 10-15% more energy than freezer-on-top models energy savings ENERGY-EFFICIENT CLOTHES DRYERS SAVE TIME AND MONEY Energy Star does not label clothes dryers Look for models with a moisture sensor Machine will shut off automatically when clothes are dry Saves electricity and wear and tear on your clothes Infographic provided by: Sources: fuseaction=find_a_product.showProductGroup&pgw_ code=CW fuseaction=find_a_product.showProductGroup&pgw_ code=DW Est. 1922 #waterefficient #wateruse FRIEDMANS APPLIANCE A Trusted Name in the Bay Area Since 1922 fuseaction=find_a_product.showProductGroup&pgw_ code=RF ENERGY SAVING SNO11V9

Saving Water and Energy with Home Appliances

shared by BrittSE on May 19
In just one load, your dishwasher could use up to 14 gallons of water! Replace your old model with a new Energy Star dishwasher to save water, energy, and money. To learn about other alternatives, che...


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