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Save More Leaves With Email Marketing

SAVE MORE LEAVES WITH EMAIL MARKETING SEND EMAILS INSTEAD OF PRINT NEWSLETTERS AND SAVE TREES Billions of trees are cut down every year to make paper. In some cases, we can replace the use of paper with greener methods. By opting for emails instead of print newsletters, you can make our planet greener. You are on your way to Saving More Leaves! MORE THAN 3 BILLION TREES ARE CUT DOWN EVERY YEAR WHY DO YOU NEED TO SAVE TREES? Trees clean the air & provide oxygen Trees absorb odors and pollutant gases. In one year, an acre of mature trees can provide enough oxygen for 18 people. Trees conserve energy Three trees placed strategically around a single-family home can cut summer air conditioning needs by up to 50 per cent. In this way, we can reduce carbon dioxide and other pollution emissions created by power plants. Trees combat the greenhouse effect Trees heal & reduce violence Hospital patients with views of trees outside their windows heal faster. Neighborhoods that are barren have a greater Trees absorb carbon dioxide, which is a major greenhouse gas. In one year, an acre of mature trees absorbs the amount of CO2 produced when you drive your car 26,000 miles. incidence of violence in and out of the home than their greener counterparts. Trees save water & prevent water pollution Shade from trees slows water evaporation. As trees transpire, they increase atmospheric moisture. Trees also reduce runoff by breaking rainfall, thereby allowing the Trees mark the seasons Is it winter, spring, summer or fall? Look at the trees! The natural would never lies. Besides, there is no more beautiful 'calendar' marking the seasons than the trees. water to flow down tree trunks and into the earth. HOW CAN YOU SAVE A TREE BY SENDING AN EMAIL? 182.9 Billion EMAILS WERE SENT EVERY DAY IN 2013 םםבבב 182.9 Billion A4 SHEETS OF PAPER EVERY DAY 4441 444 444 21,948,877 TREES SAVED EVERY DAY* 4444 14,632 HECTARES OF FOREST SAVED EVERY DAY IN ONE YEAR, THIS AREA IS EQUIVALENT TO THE TERRITORY OF SWITZERLAND, THE GREENEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD WHY SHOULD YOU USE EMAIL MARKETING? > Almost every Internet user has an email account, resulting in 3.9 billion email accounts in 2013 > Email newsletters cost 9.8 times less than print newsletters, allowing you to save costs on marketing > Marketers report 256% ROI from email marketing – generating $256 for every 1$ invested > Email is accessible from everywhere and at any time, thanks to the growing mobile era > Email is the greenest marketing channel on earth! Build loyal long-term friendship with your audience in the greenest possible way! By sending email newsletters instead of print newsletters, you are saving trees that are important to the well-being of everyone. Moreover, email marketing integration with mobile and social platforms allows you to connect to your customers at any time and in any place. Bridge the gap between being friendly for the nature and effective for the business! Sources:, National Geographic,, Clickz, Greenpeace, Radicati, * Based on calculation 1 email = 1 A4 sheet of 80 g/m2; forrest density - 1,500 trees per ha; INFOGRAPHIC BY The Greenest Marketing Solution MAILIGEN #SaveMoreLeaves SHARE SAVE MORE LEAVES WITH YOUR FRIENDS! «Mailigen email marketing originates from Latvia, the second greenest country in the world in 2012. Latvia – the country where skies are blue and forests greener than anywhere in the world. We take great pride in this and urge you to start saving more leaves today! Thank you and stay green!»

Save More Leaves With Email Marketing

shared by mailigen on Mar 10
Each year, email marketing saves a paper forest that is equivalent to the territory of Switzerland, the greenest country in the world. By sending email newsletters instead of print newsletters, market...






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