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Save Money While the Sun Shines

A Learn & Keep 20 The Economic Times Wealth, December 5-11, 2011 SOLAR WATER HEATER PHOTOVOLTAIC PANELS USAGE LIFE 25 years PRICE USAGE LIFE 25 years PRICE Two CFL bulbs 13,500 for a You can heat 716,000-22,000 for a 100-litre heater. The higher and a fan for system that has a 35 w solar panel, a 12 v, 40 amp battery, and two 9 w CFL bulbs. 100 litres of 3-4 hours after water to 60-80 degree Celsius and store it for COST RECOVERED the capacity, the lower the cost. charging for at least 2 hours. COST RECOVERED in 4 years in 6 years 24 hours. is the amount you will save during winters (2-hour usage every day for four months) if you use a solar heat- er rather than an electric geyser. is the approximate amount you can save every year (if you use two bulbs and a fan for 8 hours SAVING SAVING 30% 50% 1,600 3,500 SUBSIDY SUBSIDY every day). This works out to about 5,000 for a 100-litre solar heater. A subsidy of 50% on cost price or up to 24,800 is available for WHAT TO CONSIDER: There are two popular models: flat plate collector (FPC) and evacuated glass tube (EGT). The latter is better as it reduces loss of heat, lasts longer and can even handle hard water without damage. You should ensure that the vertical angle of the solar collectors can be changed to avoid water and heat loss during summer, and tilted during rains and winter to allow greater heat collection. WHAT TO CONSIDER: You would need an area directly exposed to sunlight. In urban areas, it might not be enough to replace regular power, but it can replace inverters during long power outages. The battery has to be replaced in three years, and will cost 700-800. If you live in a cloudy region, a back-up storage of energy is possible for up to two days. select models. SAVEMONEY WHILE THE SOLAR COOKERS USÁGE While older cookers The cost of electricity and price of LPG cylinders has steadily gone up over the past two years. This doesn't mean your monthly expenses should also escalate. Here's how you can use the renewable energy of sunlight to reduce costs. took 4 hours to cook, new models take 1 hour. LIFE 20 years COST RECOVERED SUNSHINES in 3 years PRICE 3,000–6,500 SOLAR LANTERNS SAVING USAGE LIFE 20 years PRICE 1,600 4-10 hours after being charged for about 6 hours 71,000-3,500 30% is the amount you can save every year as it can help you cut down on four cylinders in a year (for a family of four). SUBSIDY Electricity cost has COST RECOVERED in 2 years been considered (depends on the bulb). You can avail of 30% off on cost price or up to 71,500. as 4 a unit. 69% WHAT TO CONSIDER: Solar tanterns can either have CFL bulbs or LED ones. The latter are usually more expensive, but last longer. You can get a warranty of up to 10 years on some models. However, the battery and the bulb may need to be replaced after 3-5 years. WHAT TO CONSIDER: Box cookers take longer to cook but is the amount you will save annually if you use the solar lantern instead of a regular bulb for 10 hours every day. SAVING they don't burn food, while parabolic cookers reduce the cooking time to 1/4th, but can burn food. The latter must often be focused to follow the sun and need to be turned every 30 minutes. The reflecting surface may need to be changed after five years. SUBSIDY THE ECONOMIC TIMES You can get a solar tantern that costs 3,500 for 2,400 in specified districts. 1,440 TEXT: KHYATI DHARAMSI wealth GRAPHICS: CHANDER, RAJ

Save Money While the Sun Shines

shared by chander.shekhar on Mar 12
Here is an info graphic on solar power usage and saving potential if you run your house on solar energy


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