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Remaining Oil, Gas, Coal

STOCK CHECK data visualization on the Earth's non-renewable resources OIL O NATURAL GAS COAL Years remaining vs. world average life expectancy* * 67.2 years [1] [2] 43 64 126 1999-2009: How much did we use (worldwide)? 35000 M- barels 3500000 M- cubic meters 3500000 Mr toe (tones of oil equivalent) 3000000 ME 3000000 M 30000 M 2500000 M- 2500000 M- 25000 M 2000000 M 2000000 M 1999-2009: Mean annual consumption growth % 1.07 2.41 3.87 Areas with related conflicts or controversy #keyword [4] Tar Sands Corrib Gas Gazprom Lebanon-Israel & Cyprus Gas Gulf Oil Spill Persian Gulf South China Sea Burma Pipelines Re-Nationalization Adar Oilfield Niger Delta Bolivian Gas Conflict Data [1] CIA - The World Factbook -- Rank Order - Life expectancy at birth 2010 est. [2] At 2009 consumption levels, assuming no new reserves discovered and demand static. When assuming current production trends continue, calculating using formula T= In(*n+1)/rwhere T is time, r is growth rate and n is reserves/production, and rounding to nearest year, we get 36, 39, and 46 years. You didn't prefer to see *that", did you? [3] Other data from including BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2010 globalbp_uk_english/reports_and_publications/statistical_energy__review_2008/STAGING/local_assets/2010_downloads/ statistical_review_of_world_energy_full_report_2010.pdf [4] News, mainly. Try these keywords in your favourite search engine and find out what it's all about. Made for the first visualization challenge of Information is Beautiful, by @ekapros Evangelos Kapros, September-October 2011, not for commercial use.

Remaining Oil, Gas, Coal

shared by ekapros on Dec 17
How much oil, gas, coal is there? When will it finish? How much do we use*? What regions are affected by related conflicts? See the infographic below: *Data from http://www.informationisbeautifulaw...





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